Raffles Doha and Fairmont Doha: Qatar’s New Jewels of Luxury

Welcome to a new era of decadence, as the highly awaited Raffles Doha and the opulent Fairmont Doha open their doors to the world.

These twin beacons of luxury, nestled in the heart of Lusail’s iconic Katara Towers, are poised to redefine the standard for lavish accommodation in the region.

Redefining Luxury Accommodation: Raffles Doha and Fairmont Doha

Raffles Doha and Fairmont Doha: Qatar's New Jewels of Luxury

Following their successful debut during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, hosting distinguished guests and VIP delegations, these magnificent properties now invite the discerning traveller to luxuriate in their exquisite offerings. Whether you’re an adventure seeker or a tranquillity pursuer, Raffles Doha and Fairmont Doha promise an unparalleled ultra-luxurious escapade.

A Unique Sensorial Journey at Raffles Doha

Among the remarkable features of Raffles Doha, an ‘in-suite scent library’ steals the limelight. In collaboration with the distinguished French perfume house, Compoz, guests are given the liberty to select their preferred aromas to be diffused throughout their suite. This groundbreaking amenity offers an immersive sensory experience like no other hotel across the globe.

Raffles Doha and Fairmont Doha: Qatar's New Jewels of Luxury

Adding to the list of distinct experiences is The Blue Cigar Lounge, a hidden sanctuary housing a library brimming with prized classics. With the availability of rare gems such as a dual-language edition of The Iliad and The Odyssey from 1707, reading enthusiasts are in for an unparalleled treat. Furthermore, Raffles introduces the culinary genius of three-star Michelin Chef Enrico Crippa’s Alba to its guests, marking its first venture on international shores.

The Zenith of Wellness at Raffles Doha

Raffles Doha’s wellness programme has been meticulously crafted, ensuring a unique ultra-luxury spa experience for its esteemed guests. Going beyond the usual, each suite within the spa, be it beauty, fitness or hydro, is designed as an elegant mini-spa. The impressive wellness centre boasts nine suites – one Fitness Suite, three Spa Suites, and five Experience Suites, each offering an indulgent journey of rejuvenation.

Collaborating with pioneers in scientific skincare and advanced beauty, such as Dr Burgener, Subtle Energies, and marocMaroc, Raffles Doha ensures its guests receive exceptional and lasting results. One noteworthy service is The Dr. Burgener Haute Couture treatment, which offers bespoke skincare and analysis for heavy metals and trace elements.

The Fairmont Doha Experience

Fairmont Doha stands out with its extravagant maritime-inspired interiors. Boasting 270 rooms, 92 suites, four themed suites and a grand presidential suite, it is an abode that echoes the sophistication of luxury mega yachts. Encased in gold mosaic wall tiling, the rounded and curved walls offer a visual delight to the beholder.

Raffles Doha and Fairmont Doha: Qatar's New Jewels of Luxury

The grandeur of Fairmont Doha strikes from the moment one steps through its doors. The crowning glory of the lobby is the towering 56.5m high crystal chandelier – a stunning spectacle of art and light, boasting over half a tonne in weight and fitted with 4,807 bulbs and glass parts.

Fitness and Well-being at Fairmont Doha

Well-being and fitness take centre stage at Fairmont Doha. It boasts Qatar’s largest gym, a colossal indoor climbing wall, and several spinning studios. Guests can avail clinical well-being programmes, tailor-made to enhance sports performance, aid rest and recovery, and provide personalised nutrition plans.

The Fairmont Doha experience is enriched with personal coaching sessions from master athletes, including PILLAR Wellbeing‘s co-founder, Harry Jameson. With an extensive range of services, from one-on-one training across diverse disciplines to complimentary fitness classes, Fairmont Doha ensures its guests are primed for peak performance.

Through their distinctive offerings, both Raffles Doha and Fairmont Doha encapsulate the essence of luxury and redefine the landscape of high-end hospitality. Their prestigious position in Lusail’s Katara Towers symbolises their commitment to offering the best of service, ambience, and amenities, paving the way for a new era of luxury in Qatar.