Slots That Will Set Your Pulse Racing

With entertaining graphics, simplistic gameplay rules (welcoming players of all skill levels), and low wagering requirements, slot machines are the most popular casino option for gamblers. In fact, they drive casino revenues, accounting for approximately 70% of the average take. 

Digital technology has only served to increase the popularity of the classic slot in recent years, as it presents developers with many options with which to heighten the gaming experience. We have seen the level of choice explode, with players able to choose from a wide range of popular ‘themes’ that adorn the basic mechanics of the slot.   

For racing and car aficionados, the choice was relatively limited, but the speed of gaming innovation has led to several high-quality entries in the market. The following games will not only offer a superior casino experience but will set your pulse racing!

24hr Grand Prix 

Offered at, 24hr Grand Prix was inspired by the famous race, 24 Hours of Le Mans. The race is lauded for its gruelling test of endurance and is the oldest such race still extant. Released in late 2020, it is currently one of the more popular racing slots on the market. 

The development studio for 24hr Grand Prix, Red Tiger Gaming, has made a name in the industry for innovative and fast-paced gaming environments. The game has a bit of an unusual setup, running on six reels and thirty pay lines. The RTP for this game is set at 95.73%, with players able to win a 2,166 stake multiplier. 

Players are able to wager anything between 0.10 and 200 credits (and their cash value equivalents) per spin. This difference translates to this game offering the option of low stakes, inviting players of all budgets to take part. 

The game shines in its visuals, with car fanatics sure to enjoy the various classic cars represented on the reels. The game also offers a range of bonus rounds, including wild reels, super wilds, stacked symbols, and free spins. Particularly entertaining are the sound effects and soundtrack, giving players a true 24 Hours of Le Mans vibe. 

5 Reel Drive 

This game is a classic and has been around for a number of years. For those who enjoy the latest modern games, 5 Reel Drive will look a little dated. Nevertheless, there is a reason the game continues to draw a loyal fan base: when it comes to the fundamentals, this game gets everything right. 

Let’s go over the basic setup first. Consisting of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 9 pay lines, the game follows a traditional structure. For players familiar with the standard slot at a land-based casino, 5 Reel Drive will be simple to understand. 

Perhaps the game’s greatest strength is that it does not attempt to be anything it’s not. It is relatively basic but does everything well. The design is attractive, the reel symbols are relevant to the overarching theme, and the sound effects are fun and not distracting to the gameplay. 

Racing for Pinks 

Our third entry on this list is Racing for Pinks, a game released by the folks at Microgaming. The company has built a reputation for attractive slots that keep players coming back for more, and Racing for Pinks is a title that can be added to the ‘win’ category. 

The slot is more recent than 5 Reel Drive and designed to have a more modern look and feel. The 3D design features five reels, with an impressive total of 243 pay lines. The game offers a free spin feature, and also boasts attractive animations. The symbols reflect the street racing theme of the game, with six racers featured (each with a unique design and backstory). 

Perhaps the best feature of the game is its bonus round, which is triggered when the ‘Bonus Race’ symbol appears on both the first and fifth reels during a single spin. The game gives the player agency, with a choice of a racing car to represent the player in a street race. The more races the player wins, the higher the payout. This bonus round gives the opportunity of winning 175x of the original wager. 

There is More to Come for Racing Fans!

This list features just three of the leading racing and car slots the industry has to offer, but it represents just a fraction of what is currently available. Studios are releasing new slots at a rapid pace, both to entice new players and to keep their existing customer base entertained. This high level of competition amongst casinos is serving to drive up choice, which can only be a positive development for the consumer. 

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