We take a closer look at Princess Stephanie of Monaco youngest daughter of Rainier III and the late Grace Kelly, Stephanie is currently 14th in line of succession to the throne in Monaco.

Monaco is famous for a whole variety of different things.

From gorgeous sunsets, affluent towns and cities, the late former Hollywood actress Grace Kelly, and supercars, to gourmet dining, celebrities and a royal dynasty that can be traced back centuries.

Speaking of royalty in Monaco, Princess Stephanie of Monaco is, without question, one of the most popular Princesses in recent history.

The youngest daughter of Rainier III and the late Grace Kelly, Stephanie is currently 14th in line of succession to the throne in Monaco.

Not only is she a princess, but she also keeps herself busy as a fashion model, a swimwear designer and a singer. Is there anything this remarkable woman can’t do?

Here’s a better look at Princess Stephanie of Monaco.

So, Just Who Is Princess Stephanie of Monaco?
Princess Stephanie at the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival

Early Life

Stephanie was born on the 1st of February back in 1965 at the Prince’s Palace in Monaco to Rainier III and former Hollywood actress Grace Kelly.

Of their three children, the other two being Caroline and Albert II, Stephanie is the youngest.

Who is Albert II, Prince of Monaco?
Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III on their wedding day.

On a return from France, Stephanie, along with her sister Caroline, were being driven home by their mother in 1982. Sadly, her mother suffered a stroke while driving and crashed the car, and passed away the next day.

There were rumours that Stephanie had been driving the car that night, with Stephanie refusing to speak about that night until 1989, where she denied the rumours and insisted that she had not been the one driving the car.

Stephanie admitted that she had been under a lot of pressure due to those rumours, as people were essentially accusing her of killing her own mother at just 17 years of age.

As far as academics go, Stephanie studied piano and classical dance, whilst also competing in horse riding and as a gymnast.

So, Just Who Is Princess Stephanie of Monaco?
Auction for the benefit of Fight Aids Monaco at the Méridien hotel.

Fashion And Music

After recovering from the accident which sadly killed her mother, Stephanie began an apprenticeship with Christian Dior. In 1984 she made her debut on the runway as a fashion model.

Stephanie was featured in some of the world’s most prominent fashion magazines, including Vogue and Vanity Fair.

She launched her own swimwear brand in 1986 at a fashion show to showcase her collection, which turned out to be a major event in the fashion calendar and was attended by celebrities and royalty alike.

In 1986, she would also go on to produce and release her own musical single entitled Ouragan, which went on to become one of France’s most popular singles.

She would go on to move to Hollywood to pursue her music career and record an album.

So, Just Who Is Princess Stephanie of Monaco?

Personal Life

Stephanie dated a number of high-profile individuals in the 80s and 90s, including Hollywood actor Rob Lowe.

She eventually dated bodyguard Daniel Ducruet in 1992, with whom she has two children.

The relationship ended two years later and in 1996 she had a third child with her head of security.

Over the years she dated a number of men and actually got married in 2003 to a Portuguese acrobat, though sadly the marriage ended in 2004.

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