Pioneering Hotel Design at South Palms Resort Panglao Bohol

Family and folklore take centre stage in the groundbreaking hotel design of South Palms Resort Panglao Bohol – MGallery.

This Accor hotel, set to open in Q4 2024 as part of the Panglao Shores master plan, brings together an exceptional team of culturalists, storytellers, and community advocates. By incorporating adaptive reuse and indigenous craftsmanship, the hotel promises a unique and authentic experience for guests. From the innovative use of local materials to the integration of sustainable practices, every aspect of the design is meticulously crafted to honour Bohol’s cultural heritage while forging a lasting connection with the local community.

Pioneering Hotel Design at South Palms Resort Panglao Bohol

Honouring Tradition through Native Material Design

Patrick Keane, the visionary founder of Enter Projects and an accomplished artist, joins forces with Boholano craftsmen to create spaces of celebration at South Palms Resort. Embracing the region’s rich artistic legacy, Keane integrates traditional techniques passed down through generations with sustainable materials like recycled wood, woven basketry, and fabrics. Through this project, he pushes the boundaries of design and sets new standards for artistic innovation.

Adaptive Reuse: Preserving History and Folklore

At the heart of the South Palms Resort project lies the concept of adaptive reuse. Guided by Hazel Wu of White Jacket, a leading advocate for material repurposing, the design team breathes new life into elements from former ancestral homes. Wooden walls that once adorned village dwellings and other natural materials infused with local stories find their place in every room. Each space becomes a testament to the vibrant culture and age-old folk tales that define Bohol’s heritage.

Pioneering Hotel Design at South Palms Resort Panglao Bohol

A Personal Journey: The Essence of South Palms Resort

Hope Uy, daughter of the founder of Alturas Group of Companies (AGC), played a pivotal role in shaping the 188-key resort. Born and raised in Bohol, Uy infuses the hotel with a sense of personal connection to the island’s history, culture, and familial spirit. Supported by AGC and renowned hospitality consultancy C9 Hotelworks, led by industry icon Bill Barnett, Uy ensures that the hotel’s design reflects the timeless tales and values of family that are deeply rooted in Bohol’s identity.

A Fusion of Expertise: Designing the Unforgettable

The South Palms Resort design team comprises exceptional professionals who bring their extensive expertise to the project. Chris Singer, Founder & Managing Director of SCSY Studio, leverage his 25 years of experience in master planning, architecture, and design to provide invaluable recommendations. Phillip Pond, Founder & Director of Atelier Pond, takes charge of the concept, planning, and detailed design of the resort’s four restaurants and bars, infusing them with aesthetics inspired by cultural heritage and the environment.

Sustainability as a Guiding Principle

From conception to execution, South Palms Resort adheres to eco-building standards and embraces sustainable practices. The use of high-performance glass, natural ventilation, solar harvesting, and smart technologies ensures minimal environmental impact. John Farrell, Founder & Director of XCO2 Energy, a specialist in low-carbon projects, plays a pivotal role in making the resort operationally eco-friendly. Drew Anderson, Managing Director of TOPO Design Studio Singapore, brings his extensive experience in sustainable resort development to harness natural resources and integrate the local community into the project.

Bohol: A Sustainable Destination

Bohol emerges as a prime investment and tourism destination in the Philippines, and South Palms Resort stands as a testament to the island’s commitment to sustainability. The new Bohol-Panglao International Airport, designed as an eco-airport, emphasizes natural light, ventilation, and solar power generation. The island also boasts state-of-the-art waste disposal and waterworks systems, further solidifying its reputation as a truly sustainable haven.

Pioneering Hotel Design at South Palms Resort Panglao Bohol


South Palms Resort Panglao Bohol – MGallery transcends traditional hotel design, embodying the spirit of Bohol’s rich cultural heritage and commitment to sustainability. By seamlessly blending craftsmanship, storytelling, and adaptive reuse, this pioneering hotel promises guests an immersive experience deeply rooted in the island’s folklore and traditions. With its exceptional team of design experts, South Palms Resort is poised to become a beacon of innovation and an enduring symbol of Bohol’s enduring allure.

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