Spanish Footwear Brand MUXART Returns

It’s been almost six years but today, the Spanish fashion industry celebrates the return of iconic footwear brand MUXART that was founded back in 1989.

MUXART is one of our local shoe artistic brands and has gained a worldwide reputation for their rare contemporary designs. So, of course, when the brand stopped manufacturing shoe addicts from all over the world were heart-broken.

MUXART shoes are true pieces of art, unique and exists above the trends of the fast fashion market.

Spanish Footwear Brand MUXART Returns

But the mourning can finally stop as MUXART returns and once again showcases the brand’s DNA and core values. A true concept of luxury. And we have to pay attention to these. Because we cannot forget how this shoe brand has always belonged to and supported the sustainable movement, even before it was popular – something they diligently apply to all their products.

What is new with MUXART after a break between 2013-2019 is its current production, which is now totally based on demand. You see it, you buy it and then, MUXART’s artisans start to manufacture your shoes. All handmade.

As MUXART states “this particular way of slow-making we only make bespoke shoes. As we make each shoe completely by hand, using natural products”.

HERMENEGILDO MUXART is once more offering the gift of experiencing the true pleasure of being the proud owner of a masterpiece. A work of art which will accompany its owner during the exciting journey of pursuing their dreams.

Spanish Footwear Brand MUXART Returns

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