Spirit Animals – Your Ultimate Guide

Spirit animals can come in a variety of different forms, shapes, and sizes, yet if you want to discover yours, here’s your ultimate guide to do precisely that.

We’ve all seen the memes online featuring animals, usually the cute and cuddly kind, looking tired and sleepy or stuffed with food, and we’ve all claimed that they’re our spirit animal at some point. Whilst the use of the term has been generally associated with comedy as of late, the fact of the matter is that there is a great deal of spirituality behind spirit animals.

Finding out your spirit animal is believed to help you discover more about yourself and help you on your path in life. In many religions and cultures, spirit animals are believed to be spirits that serve as guides and/or protectors to individuals, helping to get them through life or specific journeys.

Spirit animals can come in a variety of different forms, shapes, and sizes, yet if you want to discover yours, there are many different techniques to help you do precisely that. To help you find your spirit animal, here is a brief, yet detailed guide.

What Is A Spirit Animal?

As we touched upon briefly before, in certain cultures and religions, spirit animals are believed to be spiritual guides and/or protectors that are here to guide us through literal and metaphorical journeys in life and to help keep us safe.

Spirit Animals – Your Ultimate Guide

Native Americans for example, believe that spirit animals are the embodiments of spiritual guides who present themselves to us in whichever way that we are willing to see and perceive them. Because of this, it is perfectly natural for a lot of people to associate and connect with their spirit animal in the form of an animal that they have an affinity to.

A spirit animal won’t actual bestow superhuman powers upon you, but it is believed that it will give you the psychological strength and power to navigate life’s obstacles and to stay positive throughout.

What Are The Spirit Animals And What Is The Meaning Of Spirit Animals?

A spirit animal can take on any form and come to us from anywhere, at any time. With that said, however, there are some that are more common than others. These include:


Spirit Animals – Your Ultimate Guide

This is a symbol of development and transformation. The butterfly helps those who may be fearful of change but deep down wish to better themselves and break free of their comfort zone.

Delving into the yellow butterfly meaning, we find it represents hope, joy, and creativity. This vibrant creature is often seen as a beacon for personal growth and enlightenment, symbolizing an awakening to life’s playful aspects. The presence of a yellow butterfly serves as a gentle nudge to embrace life’s light-hearted moments and to remember the importance of joy and playfulness on our journey of self-improvement.


Spirit Animals – Your Ultimate Guide

This is one of the most powerful spirit animals, as you might expect. A bear spirit animal is often associated with people who enjoy nature and the great outdoors.

Despite the rugged appearance and brute force of the bear, bears are also emotional spirit animals.


A deer is an intuitive and emotional spirit guide. This is a spirit animal which embodies success, grace, and compassion.


Spirit Animals – Your Ultimate Guide

A cat spirit animal is for individuals who are inquisitive by nature. People who are adventurous, independent and patient often have cat spirit animals.


Spirit Animals – Your Ultimate Guide

A wolf spirit animal is associated with people who enjoy their freedom, act on instinct, and are intelligent.

People with wolf spirit guides will also act on instinct and are often good leaders and good problem solvers.

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