Stage 2 Performance Options For A BMW

BMWs are already known for their unrivalled performance. While you can argue that very little needs to be done to make them better, some people are always on the lookout for higher levels of performance and additional power.  There are many options for BMW M performance parts to increase power. Upgrading relies on a number of techniques and this is where the topic of stage tuning comes into play.

In car terms, a stage represents a set of upgrades. Stage 1 is the initial set of modifications that could include remaps and exhaust upgrades. Stage 2 is the next level of performance upgrades that are more involved and costly.

While BMWs boast a lot of power, Stage 2 upgrades usually involve replacing parts.  It could also mean upgrading the software to maximize engine performance. If you are looking for the benefits of a Stage 2 upgrade, some of the car parts that would benefit include the following: 

BMW M Performance Parts Options

Exhaust Downpipe

Stage 2 Performance Options For A BMW

The exhaust downpipe is the section of the exhaust directly behind the turbo.  The best exhausts have minimal restrictions to airflow.  Opening out this part of the exhaust can make for a massive boost to the power of your car. 

Air Intake Induction 

An upgraded air intake is a great way to ensure you get more air to the engine to give it more power. It is important to make sure the turbo is not restricted by the original air intake. The better the airflow the more power the engine can produce. This involves replacing parts of the original setup or swapping them entirely to reduce air friction.


This is an air-to-air radiator that will cool the air coming from the turbo before heading into the engine. As squeezing air through a turbo heats the air up, it is important to cool it back down. As cold air contains more dense oxygen, this is what the engine will need to burn more fuel.

The engine will vary how much power it’s trying to make and as temperature increases, the engine will start to reduce the power. This is where a high-quality cooler can increase the power by itself but will make a big difference if you are using a remap. 

Stage 2 Performance Options For A BMW

Engine and Gearbox Mount

The typical engine and gearbox mount is meant to twist and flex which minimizes the cabin’s engine vibration. But when the power of the engine increases, this can cause stress.  The engine and gearbox mount may not be strong enough to handle the extra flex from a more powerful engine.  Replacement engine and gearbox mounts should be strong enough to support the extra power.

By making Stage 2 upgrades such as these they can suit the driver’s immediate needs and ensure the car has more power. Each of these components can improve your car’s performance. Together they can turn your car into a high-performance track car. If you want heightened performance levels, there are many impressive developments in technology that can improve these. Stage 2 upgrades are not the entire piece of the puzzle, but if you make these additions, you will definitely have more power at your feet and your fingertips.