Succulenty And The Succies – An Incredible Tale Of Greenery

Can anybody put their hand up and say that one day they’ll forget how 2020 panned out? It’s pretty unlikely. The events of the last couple of years have been unprecedented and there’s probably not going to be many people who are likely to forget them in a hurry. 

2020 saw the world entering a whole new era with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. People all over the globe faced lockdowns and the prospect of having to stay in their homes for extended periods of time. When you first heard the news that you’d be working from home, did you think it was going to be great fun? Did you still think that after several months of sitting at your kitchen table staring at the same four walls day in, day out? No, we thought not!

Social distancing became the buzzword of the day, and while it helped to prevent the virus from spreading, it caused higher anxiety and stress levels across the populations as naturally social humans were forced to remain indoors without the usual interaction with nature that we’re so used to. We bet that even the most hardened city-dweller was starting to crave the sight of some trees! It’s no wonder that cases of mental health disorders started spiralling upwards.

Succulenty And The Succies – An Incredible Tale Of Greenery

Two years on, and many people are still suffering from poor mental and emotional health. But now, Succulenty has devised a great solution. 

Hold on a moment, you’re probably saying, what’s Succulenty? And how is it a great solution?

Established at the height of the crisis, inspired by the founder’s own experience of being cooped up in his own home, Succulenty’s mission is to bring greenery and nature into people’s houses and apartments to promote better overall well-being amongst the population. 

So, what does the brand do? And why is it proving so popular? Read on to learn more. 

What Is Succulenty All About?

Succulenty is a new, yet popular brand that sells succulents and related accessories across America. Set up by David Fleurant and Dev Chakravarti, it all began when David decided he would like to improve his home with some greenery after becoming tired of looking at the same four walls day after day during lockdown. And most of us know how that felt, right?

His plan led him to the internet, where he began to research different varieties of indoor plants, and his eye caught upon one variety in particular – succulents. Their health powers and unique properties immediately caught his interest, and he began looking more deeply into these impressive, low-maintenance plants. 

Are you wondering what on earth succulents are? Yes, that’s just how David felt when he stumbled across them. But the more research he did, the more he began to realise just how amazing succulents truly are. Requiring very little care, they can grow and thrive independently, surviving for years with hardly any effort on behalf of the grower – perfect for those who are sadly lacking in green thumbs. Even better, they hold health benefits that have a positive impact on our bodies and minds. 

He learned that succulents have an impressive capability to add moisture to the air and remove toxins from the indoor environment, and he was especially amazed to discover that, unlike other plants, succulents release oxygen at night, not carbon dioxide, so they help humans sharing their space to have a better quality of sleep. During his research, he also learned that succulents have excellent medicinal properties, including the ability to treat cuts, burns, stomach aches, skin disorders, and inflammation, as well as the ability to help emotional and mental well-being by relieving stress, and promoting positivity, focus and productivity.

You’re probably asking yourself now why you hadn’t heard of succulents earlier? Well, that’s exactly how David felt. 

With all of this in mind, it became obvious to David that he wanted to develop a business that would educate others all about the benefits succulents could bring, and that would help to bridge the gap that exists between those who are already fans of these wonderful plants and those who are currently oblivious to their assets. He immediately discussed his vision with Dev, his friend, and the pair began to visualise how they could grow the idea into a brand. So Succulenty was born. 

The Creation Of The Succies

Setting up Succulenty was just the first step in David and Dev’s scheme to raise awareness of succulents and their benefits. The next phase was to create mascots for the brand, and this was the part that Dev was really excited about. 

He wanted to conjure up the cute characters that he remembered from his childhood by creating three succulents that would take the brand’s unique message to both existing fans of succulents and those who were, as yet, uninitiated into the Succuverse. After crafting and honing his designs, the Succies were ready to make their debut. 

Succulenty And The Succies – An Incredible Tale Of Greenery

These three mascots are a trio of succulent friends – Brie, Eve and Reah – known as the Succies. Each of the three has their own unique power to impact the human body and mind while also improving the feel and look of a home. Oh yes, and they’re super cute too!

Reah is the first of the three Succies. Bright green and beautiful, she is a succulent that thrives in all environments. She has her own unique power – to release water into the air and so to boost the moisture levels inside a room. She also has her own health benefits to offer – the ability to cure skin disorders, sore throats, and colds. 

Eve is her friend and the second of the mascot trio. Small yet perfectly formed, Eve is the perfect plant for homes that have their own libraries or offices since her distinctive health benefit is her ability to boost focus and memory.

The third and final Succie is Brie. She has her own healing power to help relax the mind and reduce stress levels in the humans around her. She also has the ability to release oxygen instead of carbon dioxide in the night like other plants, thus enhancing the air quality inside the room. 

These three characters have become the face of the brand and have been rapidly taken to the heart of the succulent-loving community. And when you see them, you’ll realize why!

The Rise Of The Succies

Thanks to the childhood nostalgia that the Succies conjure up in those who see them, the characters have become extremely popular online. Over the past two years, the Succulenty brand has become not only a business but also a strong and growing community of succulent fans on Instagram, having accrued over 400,000 followers with the numbers increasing every day. 

What do you mean you’re not one of them yet?

This social media platform has become a hub for succulent lovers to discuss their plants, to exchange advice and tips, and to source rare succulent varieties from the high-quality local nurseries that the brand has partnered with. Meanwhile, Succulenty also sells accessories like homewares, clothing, and phone covers that have taken their inspiration from these unusual plants. Essentially, it has become the go-to place for green-fingered plant enthusiasts to learn all they need to know to care for their plant babies at home. In fact, it’s now so popular they’re even considering NFTs and a metaverse for their characters.  

So, are you ready to discover the joys of succulents? Then you know where to go!

Succulenty Is Growing And Thriving

Succulenty And The Succies – An Incredible Tale Of Greenery

As Succulenty becomes more popular, its founders have been able to take their brand mission even further, bringing another contributor into the fold. Jack Liu has recently joined the brand, bringing his expertise in the field of marketing and logistics to help Succulenty reach even greater heights of success. 

The three are now striving to expand the community’s reach even further so that even more people around the globe can learn about the benefits that succulents can bring, and how easy they are to care for. Their long-term goal is to bring a green corner to every home worldwide so that those who live there can feel fresh and breathe better for many years to come. 

Isn’t that something that all of us can enjoy?

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