Luxury Meets Sustainability at OCN Resorts, Puerto Escondido

The distinguished OCN Resorts & Residences is eager to unveil a groundbreaking project that masterfully unites the principles of sustainability with opulence.

Poised to revolutionise luxury living, this project resides within the majestic backdrop of Puerto Escondido, Mexico, one of the globe’s most awe-inspiring locations.

Summer 2024: The Dawn of an Exquisite Era at OCN

As the summer sun ascends in 2024, OCN – an acronym symbolic of the Ocean – will emerge amidst the idyllic Palmarito Beach. Crafted to deliver an unmatched fusion of world-class amenities, and gastronomic delights by renowned chef Brad Kilgore, this resort aims to offer unparalleled experiences to both residents and visitors.

Luxury Meets Sustainability at OCN Resorts, Puerto Escondido

Experience the Unparalleled Luxury at OCN

Immersive and meticulously crafted, a stay at OCN is more than just accommodation; it’s an unforgettable experience. Guests are given the opportunity to appreciate the astounding natural surroundings, relish the splendour of the resort’s exceptional amenities, and participate in a medley of recreational activities. The highlights include an omakase dining experience, a wellness centre, a dedicated children’s club, and more.

Preserving Biodiversity: Sustainability at the Heart of OCN Resorts & Residences

Puerto Escondido is a vibrant sanctuary teeming with life. The incredible biodiversity, including over 142 distinct bird species and a variety of endangered species, forms a dynamic backdrop for the OCN Resorts & Residences. Sustainability is an integral aspect of the resort’s operations, ensuring the preservation of this pristine environment.

OCN: The Perfect Holiday and Investment Destination

Luxury Meets Sustainability at OCN Resorts, Puerto Escondido

OCN Resorts & Residences offers luxury villas and units, each complete with a private pool. Offering direct access to an international airport, Puerto Escondido makes for a scenic getaway and a lucrative investment opportunity. As per the Puerto Escondido Real Estate Ultimate Guide 2023, the area has witnessed substantial growth, with property values soaring by 5-7% annually.

Luxury Villas: An Excellent Investment Opportunity

The resort’s luxury villas range from 1,500 to 3,000 square feet, each featuring a private pool and rooftop. Villa owners have the freedom to use their units without rental restrictions, and the OCN Resorts & Residences rental pool allows the hotel operator to manage the rental process on behalf of the private investor.

Adventure and Mindfulness: The Cornerstones of OCN Resorts & Residences

OCN Resorts & Residences offers to engage in recreational activities that promote sensory experiences for those in search of wellness and adventure. Located next to the bioluminescent Laguna de Manialtepec lagoon, visitors can enjoy a diverse range of water activities, from night-time swims illuminated by the glowing waters to daytime water skiing, surfing, and wakeboarding.

OCN: A Testament to Sustainable Tourism

Integrating innovative architectural practices, OCN is a resort committed to reducing its ecological footprint while enhancing guests’ connection with nature. The commitment to preserving the ecosystem is unwavering, with sustainability at the heart of its operations, reinforcing the importance of responsible tourism and conservation.

Luxury Meets Sustainability at OCN Resorts, Puerto Escondido

Exceptional Guest Experience at OCN Resorts & Residences

OCN Resorts & Residences is committed to providing an exceptional guest experience, ensuring satisfaction with a high ratio of team members to guests. From 24/7 concierge services, hassle-free high-speed internet to security services, OCN Resorts & Residences ensures a relaxing and tailored experience for each guest.

The Future of OCN Resorts & Residences

OCN Resorts & Residences is not just a luxury destination, but a catalyst for positive change. It is poised to open its doors in the Summer of 2024, with reservations starting in Spring 2024. Luxury villas are now on sale, starting at $250,000.