Sustainable World Gastronomy: A Celebration of Ethical Dining

Iberostar Hotels & Resorts recently embraced the theme of ‘Water is Life, Water is Food.

Leave No One Behind’ by introducing Honest Food, an innovative approach to culinary experiences. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in three key pillars:

Natural and Homemade Delights

Iberostar focuses on natural, homemade recipes, steering clear of additives, refined sugar, and excessive salt. The emphasis is on fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients, ensuring guests enjoy nutritious and wholesome meals.

Sustainable Dining: Iberostar's Honest Food Approach

Iberostar is dedicated to responsible fish consumption, honouring closed seasons to preserve coastal ecosystems. Their goal is to make all fish and seafood consumed in their hotels 100% responsible by 2025, supporting local agriculture in the process.

The fusion of local and global gastronomy results in a diverse menu that tantalizes the taste buds. Guests can savour international flavours, such as sushi and whole-food options at restaurants like Llaut Palma’s Asian Fusion and Katagi Blau.

By collaborating with local producers who share their values, Iberostar not only inspires a responsible approach to food but also encourages guests to embrace the Honest Food philosophy in their daily lives, even after their holidays end.

Belize: Sustainable Seafood and Conservation

Belize stands as a shining example of environmental care, committing to protect over 10,000 square kilometres of marine territory, accounting for 30% of its total expanse. This dedication to the ocean and the environment is a testament to Belize’s leadership in conservation.

Sustainable Dining: Iberostar's Honest Food Approach

One of Belize’s initiatives is the Fish Right Eat Right (FRER) certification program, launched in 2016 in collaboration with several organizations. This program educates fisherfolks and restauranteurs on sustainable fishing methods, fisheries regulations, and responsible food sourcing. By promoting sustainable seafood consumption, FRER contributes to the restoration of fish stocks and the preservation of the Belize Barrier Reef.

In addition to sustainable fishing, Belize has taken steps like implementing a complete ban on single-use plastics, further enhancing its status as a conservation leader in the Caribbean and beyond.

The Channel Island of Jersey: Pioneering Sustainability

Jersey, an island dedicated to preserving its natural beauty, aspires to become carbon neutral by 2030. It is part of the Green Tourism Award, focusing on eco-friendliness and sustainability.

Sustainable Dining: Iberostar's Honest Food Approach

Local businesses have also stepped up their efforts in sustainability. The Channel Island Liquor Company, for instance, avoids plastic usage and supports beach cleaning initiatives, while Stinky Bay Brewery efficiently utilizes its resources. The Jersey Pottery restaurants, including the Crab Shack and the Oyster Box, have embraced electric induction hobs to reduce their carbon footprint.

St Helena’s Unique Culinary Heritage

St. Helena, a remote South Atlantic island, boasts a unique culinary heritage influenced by its history and isolation. Local dishes like fishcakes, Plo, crayfish, curried goat, Tungi, breadfruit, and fish stew reflect the island’s rich tapestry of cultures and local ingredients.

Anne’s Place, a family-run business in Jamestown, St Helena, has been serving traditional home-cooked meals for over two decades, featuring local cuisine like fish cakes, plo, and fresh fish sourced locally. Though St. Helena’s cuisine may not be globally renowned, it offers a special and delectable experience to those who have the privilege of tasting it.

In conclusion, these initiatives by Iberostar, Belize, Jersey, and St Helena underscore their unwavering commitment to sustainable dining and environmental preservation. By embracing responsible food sourcing and eco-friendly practices, they set a commendable example for the world to follow.

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