The Best Sea Fishing Lures

The sea is not only a great place to spend your holidays, it is here that you can get the most out of the fishing process if you have the right bait for sea fishing.

Immediately, we note that fishing can be carried out not only from a swimming facility but also from the shore. You can count on a good catch in both cases, but only if you properly prepare for the process, take into account the main features of fishing.

The Best Sea Fishing Lures

The choice of a specific bait model is determined by the expected fishing conditions: location, type of fishing, depth value, the presence or absence of underwater currents, the size and weight of the fish living in this area of ​​the sea.

Unlike fishing in freshwater, sea fishing involves hunting for trophy fish specimens, which means that baits are subject to increased requirements for durability in an aggressive marine environment. On sea baits, as a rule, more powerful fittings and hooks are installed that can effectively detect large fish.

If you plan to fish from the shore, it is important to know:

  • Artificial lures are the best for fishing.
  • In calm, hot weather, biting may be absent.
  • The hooked fish puts up a decent resistance.
  • When fishing near a rocky shore, where the depth exceeds 2.5-3 meters, you can count on catching a trophy specimen.
The Best Sea Fishing Lures

For fishing to be successful, you need to choose the right gear. If you plan to fish from the shore, then it is recommended to stop the choice of rods of maximum rigidity with a dough of 35 grams or more. In addition, the selected tackle should be different:

  • resistance to water fluctuations
  • resistance to wind loads
  • increased power and durability

If sea fishing is planned, experienced anglers advise you to select gear, taking into account how the process will go. The main types of gear used at sea:

  • Bottom tackle is perfect for fishing in shallows and calm areas of the water area when fishing for small fish, the weight of which does not exceed 5 kg. Tackle will be an excellent choice for beginners who plan to catch crucian carp, eel, perch.
  • Telescopic rod – perfect for fishing from a cliff, pier. With its help, you can perform long-distance casts of natural bait. Most such gear is caught medium-sized sea eel, gobies, crucian carp, herring, tuna.
  • Spinning as a bait, various options for spinners, wobblers are used, the advantage of tackle is that with its help it is possible to perform long-range casts. It is recommended to stop the choice on models of rods 3.5-4 meters long.
  • The float rod is perfect for catching gobies, garfish from the pier, where the depth is within 2-3 meters.

Lures For Sea Fishing

Having decided on how fishing will take place (from the shore, from a boat), as well as what gear will be used, the choice of lures is made. Note that you can successfully catch fish with both artificial and natural baits. Consider the most effective options for saltwater lures and baits for sea fishing:

Sea worms are great for fishing in the coastal zone. When choosing this bait, it is important to know that the nozzle must be live, mobile, otherwise, its effectiveness is completely lost.

Mussels are great for fishing from the pier or shore for gobies. Shrimp are the most common bait used in sea fishing. You can use the bait in dried, boiled, fresh form

Crabs are an ideal bait option if you plan to catch sea bass, red mullet, or flounder from the shore

The Best Sea Fishing Lures

Regardless of which bait option is chosen, it is important that it is mounted on a properly selected hook size with the sharpest possible sting. In addition to natural bait options, especially if fishing for spinning is planned, anglers use various options for artificial lures, consider their most popular options:

  1. Wobblers. They are used both when fishing from a boat, and from a pier or shore. The most popular options are neutral buoyancy, as well as cranks with which it is possible to catch the bottom layers.
  2. Pickers. Great for fishing in strong winds. Their main advantage is their large weight with small dimensions, which allows you to perform long-range and accurate casts.
  3. Swinging baubles. They are offered in a large assortment in terms of size, weight, shape, which makes it easy to choose the option for a particular case.
  4. Jig lures. Immediately, we note that these baits compare favorably with affordable costs. Today, various options for their execution are offered, regarding the material used in the production, shape, color scheme, size. A wide range of silicone twisters, as well as foam rubber fish, are offered.

The range of artificial lures that can be used for fishing is striking in its diversity. When choosing a bait, it is important to take into account many factors, such as weather conditions, wind strength and direction, the average depth in the selected area of ​​​​the water area, and the time of year.

Only under the condition of a responsible choice of artificial lures can one count on a rich catch, but most importantly, on the capture of a trophy specimen.


The Best Sea Fishing Lures

Shrimps are part of the order of decapods. These small crustaceans living in the waters of the world’s oceans are a huge variety of species of more than 2 thousand. They live both at great depths and in shallow areas of the sea coast. Some types of shrimp are bred on special farms.

The shrimp serves as bait for both bottom, float, and longline gear. In addition, shrimp and artificial lures are often used in combination for trolling or spinning fishing. In most cases, for catching fish, such marine bait as shrimp is used fresh, that is, translucent. Bottom-dwelling fish such as sea eel and sea burbot prefer dead shrimp that have already begun to decompose.

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