Sustainable Fashion: How to Make a Change

Since so many of us are now eco-conscious and are making changes in our lives to reduce our carbon footprint, fashion choices will too have to change. The fashion industry, for years, has been notorious for impacting the environment.

Whether that’s down to the production of fast fashion or the use of animal products, existing fashion brands have lots to do in order to make positive changes and to improve the impact they currently have on the environment. 

If you are thinking about your personal wardrobe and wish to make a change, here are some top tips for creating a sustainable fashion wardrobe. 

Buy from Sustainable Fashion Brands 

Although the offering is still currently limited, there are several new and existing fashion brands that are contributing to a sustainable fashion revolution. This includes those who focus on the design and production of vegan footwear and vegan clothing. 

Sustainable Fashion: How to Make a Change

By switching your buying habits and purchasing clothing and footwear from a brand that is recognised for their ethics and sustainability is one great way to make a change. 

How to tell if a brand is sustainable: 

Ready to make the switch? You may be wondering how exactly to tell if a fashion brand is sustainable and eco-conscious. Here are some things to look out for: 

  • Check what products they are using, are they animal friendly? 
  • Read up on where their garments are produced and where these are coming from.
  • Look for third-party certification such as certificates like PETA-Approved.
  • Don’t be afraid to do some digging. A company that is transparent will be more than happy to explain further their approach to sustainability if you ask. 

Sustainable and Animal-Friendly Materials 

Sustainable Fashion: How to Make a Change

One essential change you should be making when building a sustainable and eco-conscious wardrobe is to switch from animal products to vegan and animal friendly products. This means saying adios to the likes of animal leather, wool, and suede. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. There are now plenty of great vegan alternatives. Vegan leather is just as durable as the real thing and Microsuede is equally as luxurious! 

Invest in Fashion that will last 

Fast fashion has a huge impact on the environment. With the speed at which garments are created to keep up with trends, sustainability is often overlooked. 

So, building a sustainable wardrobe means investing in quality garments and shoes that will last. This also means, essentially, curating a trans-seasonal wardrobe that will keep you looking stylish all year round. 

Donate and Recycle 

Sustainable Fashion: How to Make a Change

Sick and tired of last season’s skirt or have a pair of old jeans knocking about that no longer button up? Donating and recycling your old clothing and footwear will help avoid the build-up of fashion landfills. Whether this means donating to a charity shop, passing on older clothes to friends and family or upcycling your fashion pieces to create an entirely new item! Whatever you have to do, always avoid throwing your clothing and shoes in the trash.