The Bentley Continental GT Number 9 Edition

Inspired by a True Racing Legend – The Bentley Continental GT Number 9 Edition by Mulliner.

Recently, Bentley – a company that surely needs no introduction, unveiled something very special in Crewe. The date was March the 4th 2019. Bentley, to celebrate the centenary of the company in 2019, revealed the ultimate collector’s edition of their renowned, and hugely popular Continental GT. The vehicle on display was the Continental GT number 9 edition by Mulliner, and it was something truly remarkable.

Inspired by a True Racing Legend – Bentley The Continental GT Number 9 Edition by Mulliner

Bentley isn’t just a motor vehicle manufacturing company with a reputation for glamorous motor vehicles. They also happen to be a company with a truly remarkable racing history. This is why Mulliner created the Continental GT number 9 edition.

Drawing inspiration from Bentley’s history with the sport of motor racing, many petrol heads are considering this to be the ultimate grand tourer. Packed full of luxurious and eye-catching features, only 100 of these amazing creations by Mulliner will be assembled in Crewe.

A tribute to the Bentley Boys

The original Bentley boys

Those of you familiar with the ‘Bentley Boys’ will instantly recognise the name Sir Henry Ralph Stanley ‘Tim’ Birkin. Birkin, from the 1920s and 30s, who was one of the original ‘Bentley Boys’.

He was a keen Bentley customer and enthusiast, along with being a shrewd businessman, investor and even racing driver. Birkin was fortunate enough to race at the 24 hour Le Mans back in 1930, where he raced in the 4.5 litre Bentley ‘Blower’ as it was called.

Inspired by a True Racing Legend – Bentley The Continental GT Number 9 Edition by Mulliner

This vehicle was so effective that he requested a number of supercharged 4.5 litre Bentleys to be commissioned. Thanks to the addition of the supercharger, the vehicles enjoyed 175 bhp, as opposed to the 110 bhp they were normally accustomed to.

This stunning green car became an icon in the world of motor racing and was synonymous with the Bentley brand before the Second World War.

Bentley Continental GT Number 9 Edition

Fast forward to 2019 and a select few lucky customers will soon be able to enjoy one of the most luxurious Bentleys in the entire world. Mulliner’s number 9 edition can be purchased in viridian green or beluga black. It features 10-spoke alloys in a whopping 21-inches in size, which are again available in these two colours.

The stunning design, however, doesn’t end there. Moving inside, customers can enjoy Beluga Heritage hides or Cumbrian Green hides, with gloss-style seats, high-level gloss door panels, and much more besides. The headrests of the seats will be adorned with the trademark ‘B’ logos from Bentley, which have been debossed.

Perhaps best of all is that the same logos will also be found on the door panels, just as they were in 1930. The dashboard has been expertly handcrafted to recreate that seen in 1930, along with the centre console which has been expertly created thanks to a partnership between British Jaeger and Mulliner.

This continental GT is like nothing ever seen before and is like nothing we will likely see again. It really is something special and will make the ultimate addition to any car lover’s collection.

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