The Bentley GT 2023: Is It Worth Getting?

For anyone looking to splash out on something sleek and shiny, the Bentley GT 2023 might have caught your eye. Timeless and glossy in all the right ways, the new model will prove popular with collectors. But is it worth the eyewatering price tag?

In simple terms, it’s worth it for Bentley-lovers. Not only is the Bentley GT 2023 one of the most beautiful models the car brand has ever produced, but it’s also gentle on the ears, boasts an interior that puts most of our houses to shame and enjoys a few updates that sets it slightly apart from its predecessors.


Let’s deep dive into this most magnificent of cars. We’ll start with the interior which boasts a panoramic glass roof (one of the best you’ve probably ever seen), and a dashboard sculpted out of walnut-coloured wood and leather which is stitched with utmost precision. Stepping into your car never gets old. Diehard Bentley fans will know that this is what the brand does particularly well.

Another notable thing about the new model is its newly installed Sports Exhaust which effectively amplifies the crossplane V8 beat, emphasizing the engine sound. It roars to life before quickly quietening down to a soft murmur. Aside from the engine, the Bang & Olufsen speakers will make your favourite song sound better than it ever has before.

What’s more, the Bentley GT 2023 is practical in the way that it has standard tyres, meaning that if you want some added grip or want to buy specialised tyres for the seasons, you only have to buy your preferred tyres online and put them on with relative ease.

But like every Bentley GT before it, the 2023 version has the same lacklustre power as its predecessors, making it chiefly a hot commodity for Bentley lovers rather than car lovers who want to invest their money in state-of-the-art engineering.

If you buy into Bentley’s mindset of high-end luxury at any cost, the Bentley GT 2023 is for you. With this latest model, there are few hardware changes beyond the cylinder count, and the differences compared to previous models might make it a hard sell.

Otherwise, there are far better car manufacturers to invest your money into.


Reaching top speeds of 198mph and accelerating to 60mph in 3.9 seconds, the Bentley GT 2023 offers plenty for those who love the thrill of high speeds. Plus, with an 8-speed dual-clutch and four-wheel drive, you’ll find that the Bentley can handle most terrains and shift seamlessly from gear to gear.

The key takeaway is that the Bentley GT 2023 looks and sounds good. If, however, you want to invest in an efficient motor that is breaking the mould in engineering terms, you’re better off looking elsewhere.