The Complete Guide To Travel Safely And Comfortably With Your Dog

Travelling with dogs can be so much fun, which is why so many people choose to take their little friends with them on family vacations. Nowadays, you don’t even have to choose between costly pet fees at your destination or the pet-sitting costs of leaving them behind anymore.

However, you should keep in mind that taking your dog with you while travelling will take careful preparation. Here is a guide to making travelling with your dog safe and enjoyable.

Prioritize Health and Safety

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Don’t forget to bring your dog to your vet for a checkup before going on any trip, especially if you travel by aeroplane. Get the records of all their vaccinations as these health certifications will be required when boarding a plane or even crossing a border by car.

You should also ask the veterinarian if your dog is healthy enough to travel. If the pet needs to take medication or is on a specific diet, you should bring all these with you along with the vet’s recommendation for it. It’s a good idea to find the nearest veterinarian near your destination so you will know where to take the dog in case of an emergency.

Invest Into Crates and Carriers

The Complete Guide To Travel Safely And Comfortably With Your Dog

A portable crate is an excellent way to keep your dog safe in the car or at your lodging. If you make it to allow the dog to stand, turn, and lie down comfortably, leakproof, ventilated, and equipped with their favourite toy, your little friend will love being in there.

A crate labelled with the owner’s name, phone number and address is also required on most airlines. A pet carrier bag or hoodie can make it easier to bring them with you if your vacation involves activities like walking or hiking.

Don’t Forget About Identification

The Complete Guide To Travel Safely And Comfortably With Your Dog

If your little friend gets away from you on your trip, it will be much easier to find them if you make sure they can be properly identified. In addition to a collar with identification tags with the dog’s name, your name, phone number, it’s also a good idea to have them permanently identified with a microchip.

Apart from the general information, an implant usually contains proof of health records listing all of his recent vaccinations, including rabies shots. You should also bring a recent picture of your dog on the trip.

Approach People Carefully

The Complete Guide To Travel Safely And Comfortably With Your Dog

Even though seeing a dog usually puts a smile on a stranger’s face, you should only approach them carefully to avoid spooking your puppy. It’s easier to avoid any mishaps if you work on your pup’s socialization and obedience training. However, it’s still best to be vigilant when you are in an unfamiliar environment.

Another sure way to do this is by equipping the pet with an electric collar – which according to the team at – is one of the safest ways to stop your dog’s bark. Despite the growing number of pet-friendly venues, your pup’s behaviour can still mean a difference between getting in some places you want to visit or being refused entrance.

Consider Travelling Options

The Complete Guide To Travel Safely And Comfortably With Your Dog

What it will take to prepare your pet for travel depends on your means of transportation as well. Some airlines will allow you to carry your pet in the passenger cabin if its crate fits under the seat in front of you – which will be a much safer option than travelling in the cargo hold. Buses and trains only allow pets under a certain weight, so depending on the breed you have, you might have to look for other travel options.

Travelling by car is often more convenient, although many dogs tend to get carsick, and sometimes it takes a little time for them to get used to the vehicle. Make sure your little friend has enough water and take frequent bathroom breaks so they can get in some fresh air and move.

Choose Pet-Friendly Lodging

The Complete Guide To Travel Safely And Comfortably With Your Dog

If you are going to stay at a hotel or motel, find out in advance which of them at your destination allows pets. Many lodging options welcome your pets without any additional fees or deposits, and they can make sure that your little companion stays safe. Still, it doesn’t hurt if you also ensure it’s safe for your dog to explore, especially if you will leave the pup in your room alone even for a little while.

By following this guide, you won’t have to deal with the extra costs or separation anxiety ever again. You can take your furry companion along with you on most adventures, whether by train, car, or plane. You can also stay in a fabulous pet-friendly lodging and have the life of your life, and if you take care of your pets’ socialization as well, they will enjoy every trip even more.

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