The Evolution Of Online Gambling In The Next Decade

Gambling and casino games have changed quite drastically over the past 100 years. From gambling’s humble beginnings on street corners and pubs to the opulent palaces in Las Vegas to the convenient digital galleries that exist online now, casinos and the games they hold have come quite a long way. However, we have reason to believe this evolution has just begun. In the next decade, we could see bigger growth than ever before. 

With the advent of virtual reality, the Metaverse and hardware that can be worn on our wrists, online gambling will be in more places than ever before. But what does that mean for the industry? Will these changes spell a decline for gambling, or will it be the start of something much bigger? Let’s take a look at a few projections we have for online casinos and what these changes might mean for the industry as a whole. 

Poker Is More Accessible Than Ever

As far as casinos, both online and offline, poker tends to be the main attraction. Between tournaments, poker stars, and the ability to hone one’s skills at the sport, people love watching a good poker game. More importantly, people like to be part of a good poker game. In physical casinos, players can match up against competitors in their area. Online players can match up with like-minded adversaries from all over the world. However, it looks like virtual reality will change the game for the best. 

The Evolution Of Online Gambling In The Next Decade

While it’s already possible to play online poker, virtual reality gives us the option to play mobile poker with style. Players will still have the option to play in a full suite of cash games and leave whenever they want, but they’ll be able to do all of this in a digital casino with an avatar dressed any way they want.

Blending the ability to play with anyone in the world and being surrounded by the majesty of a casino, players will be able to sit down at a table with anyone in the world in 5 minutes. They’ll be dressed any way they want, and if they’re good enough, they’ll be known just by their avatar.

The excitement of big poker games will be back and available for anybody to take part in. Once VR can accomplish this, the online community will explode with a new stable of players ready to prove themselves on the table from their living room or basement. This would be a colossal boon for online casinos and gambling at large. 

Vegas Will Be Everywhere

This brings us to a larger point: the feeling of dressing up and going out will be available to anybody with virtual reality. Las Vegas will be everywhere and that can’t be overstated. While physical casinos might initially take a hit, this will stimulate both online and offline play. 

As virtual reality tournaments grow in popularity, the online spectacles could land players plane tickets and entry to physical tournaments and we could see the birth of hybrid tournaments. We’re already seeing people take part in virtual tennis tournaments, so it’s only a matter of time before that makes its way to online gambling. 

Once this hybridisation happens, leagues can run much more smoothly and be open to so much more players. Not only that but the presentation will look that much better with avatars being able to represent players and bring their personalities alive. It wouldn’t surprise us if a large amount of YouTube channels spawned from this. 

The Evolution Of Online Gambling In The Next Decade

Online Casinos Will Connect Players To The Metaverse

Lastly, online casinos will connect players directly to the Metaverse. While many other VR apps and games might allow you to experience the technology, casinos will connect players to the VR world at large. Prime real estate is going fast in the digital realm, but casinos are certainly staking their claim in the Metaverse around other exciting businesses. So the fact that casinos can offer a great experience both in and out of their locations is huge. Players will be able to monitor updates from the real world with a smartwatch and take advantage of it all once they head home. Many players will use their favourite casino as their main base of operations to start their digital journey just because of the exciting areas of the Metaverse where they’ll be located. 

Overall, the future looks bright for casinos, but keep your eyes peeled and see what you think in the years to come. 

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