The Evolution Of Smart Sleep System

When we talk about home automation, we have many projects to discuss. First of all, an automated standing desk deserves your attention. This item helps to optimize a working place in the best way possible.

Along with working space automation, we pay a lot of attention to kitchen automation. There, many items can be automated to make the space better and more functional. For example, lifting columns and automated racks are the right things for those who want to boost the kitchen functionality without sacrificing the space.

However, very little is spoken about smart sleep systems. No, we do not mean those devices that dim the bulbs and turn on relaxing music, or similar. We speak about those devices that influence sleep quality, indeed. What do you know about automated beds, for example? They are either represented very poorly in the market or may be non-existent in your location at all.

Automated Beds – How to Choose One?

When you are selecting an automated bed, you might be pretty confused by the offered options. Therefore, it is better to have a checklist based on which you can choose something viable.

When choosing a bed, pay attention to the following:

  • The bed shall be produced by an experienced manufacturer. So, you can select an item made by a company such as While the company itself hasn’t been in the market for long, it is affiliated with one of the leading producers of electric linear actuators. And linear actuators are the base for an automated bed. Therefore, you can be sure that beds made by this manufacturer comply with all the standards and are of the top quality.
  • The bed shall enable remembering preset positions. It will allow you to move it to a desired position with a push of a button only.
  • If a bed is upholstered, it saves you time and money. Therefore, choose an item that complies with this requirement if possible. However, it is not one of those must-to-be details.
  • Further, you shall be able to adjust your bed so that it enables you to rest comfortably in any position.
  • Now, when the bed is selected and, hopefully, purchased, it is time to arrange the sleeping place. There are some recommendations to follow, too. If you ignore them, you might end up buying an expensive item that doesn’t serve for the purpose you’ve purchased it.

Monitor Your Sleep

Now, there are a lot of devices that allow sleep monitoring. A smart headband was developed that monitors your sleep and helps to keep your health in a proper condition. The plastic and fabric headband is placed on the forehead. When you are sleeping, it measures your brain and muscle signals. These signals are transferred in an easy-to-read form to your mobile device via WiFi or a mobile connection. Also, special sensors are fixed under the shirt to calculate the muscular, cardiac, and respiratory movement of the patient.

Another device you can get is a sleep monitoring system that is fixed to a smart watch. This system monitors human body activity during sleep. It provides you with such data as total sleep duration, how many times a person woke up during the entire sleeping period, and the sleep quality during a specified time.

One more item you’d want to acquire is an air cushion. This item can calculate a number of environment parameters that influence the sleeping quality, and calculates the heart rate, checks the body movements, and monitors the respiration.

While all these items are being used widely, they are still not perfect. In the future, we expect them to be connected to the IoT systems to enable better sleep monitoring, data collection, and data processing. These advances will help to optimize all these sleep monitoring systems in order to make the sleep monitoring more accurate and enable people to take proper care of their sleeping habits.

Advanced sleep monitoring systems can be used by both individuals to improve their sleep and thus, health and mood, and by medical specialists. In medicine, advanced sleep monitoring systems will help to speed up the recovery of patients and provide them with more comfortable conditions while they stay in a hospital.

Bottom Line

Along with the devices and items that are already available, new items and devices are expected to be applied rather soon. Sleep problems are recognized to have a negative impact on people’s physical and mental health, therefore, developments in sleep monitoring and sleep improvement are made to prevent all the issues caused by sleeping disorders.

We expect that along with the existing devices, new devices and systems will be developed that will allow us to move our sleeping habits to a completely new level. For now though, we can do what we can, and with this already, we can make our lives much better.

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