Stirred, Not Shaken – The George Martini At George, Mount Street, Mayfair

George: The exquisitely sybaritic, pooch-loving private members club bathed in lashings of canine culture, has much to the delight of their discerning members and guests re-emerged to cause a stir inside the billionaire playground scene of Mayfair’s bluestocking W1 postcode, following an exquisite renaissance that tangles a fresh contemporary ambience with flamboyant aesthetics, while keeping faithful to their elegant cultural heritage and of course, that hound mascot as they also welcome in their deluxe tipple destination, the Hound Bar.

Established in 2001, George was brought into the polished grandiose lineage of the Birley Group courtesy of our high powered Eton goer and British Entrepreneur Mark Birley, before his dwindling well-being saw him turning over the reins of his empire to his two children, Robin and India Jane Birley. This hound heaven members den rubs its glossy shoulders with its coequally unabashed and hedonistic sibling establishments of Harry’s Bar, Bath & Racquets Club, Mark’s Club and needless to say, the cardinal of unashamed debauchery, and sultry elegance that is, Annabel’s, lavished christened after Mark Birley’s wife, London society hostess, daughter of the 8th Marquess of Londonderry(1902–1955) and the former Lady Annabel Vane-Tempest-Stewart. 

Stirred, Not Shaken - The George Martini At George, Mount Street, Mayfair

It was then in the year 2007, when millionaire baron, mastermind behind the acclaimed Ivy Collection and Chairman of the Caprice Holdings Richard Caring, took control over the reigns and acquired George along with the four other clubs, finally settling after rigorous negotiations for £95m.

After closing it’s doors in November 2021, our Royal of Mayfair Richard Caring re-rolled the ruby red carpet and pushed the boat out with an extravagant, 18-month face-lift designed by the W1 maestro himself, alongside his wife and accomplice Patricia who meticulously spearheaded the exclusive blueprint to bestow their refined members a home from home sanctuary, bedecked with a high brow watering hole to partake in quenching their thirsty throats on the the club’s signature concoction of the George Martini.

Stirred, Not Shaken - The George Martini At George, Mount Street, Mayfair

George rests discreetly nestled amongst an assemblage of Michelin sanctums, five star retreats and chic label laden boutiques in the debonair quadrangle of Mount Street, boasting  Mayfair’s impeccably manicured and largest outdoor heated terrace while also brushing shoulders with the acclaimed seafood sanctuary of Scott’s. Grasping the attention of their members and visiting clientele from the get go is the dashing milieu of the passageway, lavishly adorned in a sapphire blue and antique gold facade heavily guarded by two gallantly groomed, albeit gleaming bronzed German Shepherd’s sculptures crafted to meticulous proportions that exude pure poise. 

A soul lifting salute to Mark Birley’s own furry canine ally, beautified clientele have the exclusive honour of a personal meet and greet from the club’s namesake dachshund (yes a real one), before swaggering through the resplendent aesthetics which echo a synergy of traditional heritage with David Hockney’s esteemed art assemblage, swirled with a dallop of contemporary glitz and glamour fusion.

A catwalk strut descend down the stunning gilded spiral staircase, and one will discover the debonair subterranean habitat of the Hound Bar sheathed in a coat of burgundy with a glossed up sultry shimmer, all impeccably embellished with rich furnishings of an antique brass bar, custom banquettes and lustrous wooden tables for one to sip and relax into the night hours with a flawlessly crafted cocktail creation, notably their amalgamation of the George Martini; stirred, not shaken.

So What is it That Makes The George Martini, THE Martini? 

Stirred, Not Shaken - The George Martini At George, Mount Street, Mayfair

An epicurean libation illustrating neat hedonistic temptation, this signature martini medley comes fashioned with precision as it envelopes the smooth, silken core essence of Absolut Elyx vodka further elevated with notes of cinnamon and vanilla from the Tonka bean, and herbal zest aromas from the bianco bitters to unlock a bewitching flavour symphony and create an enticing encounter of refined indulgence.

So much more than just a cocktail, this pristine aperitif showcases an immersive voyage radiating its translucent crystal blend served in a exquisitely agile martini glass, and scrupulously stirred to mastered finesse to make way for its effortless full bodied yet mellow velvet texture, with waves of white chocolate garnishing infused with a botanical spiced fragrance, as you lose yourself in the journey to envelope your senses and surrender to the sophisticated of this extraordinary refreshment offering.

As I sign off to fleetingly love and leave you fantastical readers, the ever benevolent George troupe have unveiled some priceless sacred tips courtesy of their Maestro and Head Mixologist; Santo Borzi, as we cocktail aficionados gather to unleash the Martini prodigy within, for a little 007 decadence in the comforts of our sheltered dwellings.

  1. Balance the flavours. Sometimes we are tempted to add extra vodka or more olives – simplicity and balance are always the key. A bar spoon of your favourite vermouth, a double of your premium spirits and job done, your martini is perfectly balanced.
  2. Stir, don’t shake. Stirring creates a cold, taut surface free from ice shards.
  3. Yes to lemon instead of olives. Olives often are served at room temperature and can therefore heat up your drink, serve the drink cold with an expressed lemon peel for great taste.
  4. Serve it in style. In an iced cold martini glass, straight from the freezer, for a long-lasting cold martini.
Stirred, Not Shaken - The George Martini At George, Mount Street, Mayfair


Address: 88-89 Mount St, London, W1K 2SU

Phone: 0207 491 4433


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