The Lazy Student’s Guide to ESSAY WRITING: Create A Winning Essays

Essay writing is an important skill that can help you succeed in school. If you struggle with writing essays, you’re not alone. Many students find this writing a challenge, which is why many end up giving up on it as a career. However, with practice and patience, anyone can become a great essay writer. In this article, we provide you with everything you need to know about essay writing so that you no longer dread the task at hand. Even if you have little experience writing essays, the chances are that someone has written one for you before.

What Is An Essay?

The Lazy Student's Guide to ESSAY WRITING: Create A Winning Essays

Essays are longer pieces of writing that serve as an introduction to a topic and provide an in-depth argument for your stance on that topic. Unlike research papers, which usually focus on a single topic, essays can cover several topics at once. While research papers usually follow a specific structure and focus on only one topic, essays can have many different structures and topics. Because essays can cover many topics simultaneously, they are more flexible than research papers, which focus on one topic. Essays can serve many different purposes in school. Some teachers may use them to evaluate your knowledge on a certain topic or see how you can apply it to other topics. Other teachers may assign essay questions to show how persuasive you are or how well you can write. Participants in a sports team or other team activities may be assigned essays to show how well they team up with others and how good they are at working together in a group.

 Types Of Essays

You may encounter a few different types of essays while studying in school.

Research Papers

Research papers are similar to research papers in that the student must conduct a little research on a topic and then use that research to produce a well-written essay on the topic. Whereas research papers usually have a specific structure to follow, essays do not have strict guidelines on the structure. However, if you are following a certain structure in your essay, you should remember that students in your topic area prefer certain types of arguments and sentence structures.

The Lazy Student's Guide to ESSAY WRITING: Create A Winning Essays

Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays are essays that explore different sides of a certain topic and then choose a stance on that topic. Again, like research papers, argumentative essays usually have a specific structure to follow. However, in an argumentative essay, the structure does not follow a particular structure. Instead, the essay explores different sides of a certain issue and then chooses a stance on that issue.

How to Write a Winning Essay

First things first, when we say winning essays, we mean essays that receive top marks from your teachers again and again. Trust us, the key to writing a winning essay is not to try too hard or to be overly creative with the essay. Instead, focus on following a structure that will allow you to create an argument for your stance on the topic and follow the guidelines for an essay outlined by your teacher. Next, make sure that you draft your essay well in advance. By drafting your essay well in advance, we don’t mean writing your essay several times. By drafting your essay well in advance, we mean writing a rough draft and then editing your draft. Instead of completing one draft and rewriting the essay several times, edit your draft and rewrite it once before your presentation day.

Tips for Writing an Essay

Now that we have provided you with everything you need to know about essays let’s go ahead and discuss some tips for writing an essay. When your essay is complete, read it out loud and make sure that there are no noticeable mistakes in the essay. If there are no mistakes in the essay, you are ready to read it to your teacher or a group of teachers. Also, make sure that your essay follows the guidelines for an essay outlined by your teacher. You can also seek professional essay writing services from EssayExpert. They offer excellent essay writing services at competitive prices.


The Lazy Student's Guide to ESSAY WRITING: Create A Winning Essays

Again, we want to emphasize that essay writing can be much easier than most people think. All it takes is practice, patience, and self-discipline to become a great essay writer. So don’t let the thought of essay writing scare you away. Just keep reading this article and practising writing essays until they become much easier. As you continue to practice writing essays, you’ll find that they become less terrifying, but that doesn’t mean they’ll become easy. It just means that you’ll be better prepared to tackle the task.

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