How to Choose an Impressive Argumentative Essay Topic

A topic is a crucial part of the essay. More often than not, it determines the flow, direction, and whether readers will enjoy the article. As a result, writers take their time with the subject. College professors assign prompts containing the theme. But when they don’t, choosing a topic yourself is tricky and time-consuming.

An argumentative paper theme should be debatable, thought-provoking, and spark a discussion. Furthermore, it has to persuade readers about a position. We have compiled a list of things on how to choose topics for an argumentative essay to guide the discussion and make the task easier.

What an Argumentative Essay Writing Topic Should Be Like

What are good argumentative essay topics? An argumentative paper is like arguing with your friend about a subject. The only difference is you convey thoughts via written work instead of speaking out loud.

Many students confuse these papers with other types. Say, persuasive or expository ones. Yet, they are not the same.

Argument essays require solid evidence, examples, and data to support viewpoints. It further strengthens the article’s credibility. This translates to intensive, time-consuming research, and time is not a luxury most students have.

Excessive coursework, many assignments, and looming deadlines make it challenging to focus on fact-checking for the writing. In this case, the solution is to ask an expert to write the argumentative essay for you to balance academics and extracurriculars.

Reputable online writing services draft high-quality papers that meet all requirements and submit them on schedule. Plus, they offer guarantees and confidentiality and help students to focus on other tasks. Request their help or proceed to the next step if you’re not swarmed with classes.

Take a look at the characteristics of topics to write an argumentative essay below.


Before choosing one, ascertain whether it is relevant to current cultural, societal, political, or technological issues.

People are more interested in subjects close to their hearts. Apart from this, trendy problems are all over the internet. Hence, finding reputable sources for research is more effortless.


Narrow topics allow in-depth exploration with a specified confine. In contrast, students cannot thoroughly cover board subjects within a specified word limit. We recommend you strike a balance between the two.

Don’t make the article too specific. There is only one aspect to discuss. Instead, present at least three arguments.


Choose a subject that you are genuinely interested in. The feature is vital, as people enjoy researching and writing about a subject they are interested in.

Ensure it is timely, raises deeper questions, and is relevant beyond the immediate context. Strong argumentative essay topics meet the four requirements above are: 

  • The pros and cons of universal basic income.
  • The impact of social media on mental health.
  • Ethics of genetic engineering.
  • Climate change: Human activity or natural phenomenon.
  • Education reform: Traditional vs. progressive methods.
  • Is capital punishment justifiable or inhumane?

Tips for Choosing An Argumentative Essay Topic

How to Choose an Impressive Argumentative Essay Topic

Here are a few strategies to make argumentative essay topics for college students easy and guide discussions:

Identify Interest

The first thing that goes into creating a mind-blowing subject and an article is to figure out your passions or areas of expertise.

For example, food across Europe, fashion, and more. Pick a theme you are knowledgeable about or express an opinion on. Besides, it makes the process more enjoyable and authentic.

Conduct Research

Before finalizing a topic, investigate various sources to know if there is enough credible information to support arguments. Check out the following places for data:

  • Books and journals.
  • Academic research and published studies.
  • Credible online resources.
  • Video materials.
  • Look Out for the Characteristics

Then jot down various ideas from the initial research. Afterward, apply the following to trim the options:

  • Avoid issues with a vast scope — instead, narrow focus to a specific angle of a broader problem.
  • Consider controversial argumentative essay topics and pick themes with many viewpoints that spark debate.
  • Analyze relevance by selecting a subject relevant to the current context.

Balance The Perspective

A perfect topic presents a balanced argument. It defends a stance, acknowledges counterarguments, and addresses them.

Classic ideas like gun control or abortion appear interesting. However, we recommend you avoid them.

Why? They have been used exhaustively. Only write about them if you have a fresh perspective to offer.

Check Bias

Only write about a subject you can approach with an open mind. Remember, the article should reflect a fair analysis of different viewpoints.

Discuss potential ideas with teachers or friends to get their opinions and use different perspectives to refine the theme. 

Think About the Audience

In the end, the audience is king. When selecting a topic, consider who you are writing for and what matters to them.

The goal is to draft a discussion that resonates with them without triggering unnecessary reactions. In other words, choose ethical and respectful narratives without perpetuating stereotypes or spreading misinformation.

Selecting a Topic for An Argumentative Essay

Topic selection is the first to-do list in every essay writing. Thus, it goes a long way in determining the result.

A broad or narrow theme limits research. Likewise, a non-controversial or obsolete subject won’t garner any interest.

So, the secret is to strike a balance between all the characteristics. Take time to explore different options and select one that aligns with your interest, available research, and goals.

Don’t just present viewpoints, but engage diverse perspectives. Provide evidence and create a compelling case for your position. Consider writing a tool to express an opinion and give yourself free rein.

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