The Magic of Rosé Champagne: Summer’s Pink Delight

Drinking rosé has become synonymous with summer, and this year, in particular, the colour pink seems to be dominating the season, with Barbie’s much-anticipated film releasing on 21st July.

Embracing this pink trend, the Champagne Bureau UK has crafted an expert guide to Rosé Champagne, perfect for those who want to celebrate la vie en rosé and all things pink.

Why Rosé Champagne is the Trend

The popularity of Rosé Champagne is soaring, as it is not only fashionable but also incredibly delicious. These wines offer a delightful range of flavours, from light and refreshing to more full-bodied options.

The Magic of Rosé Champagne: Summer's Pink Delight

The aromas of Rosé Champagne vary widely, with some wines displaying hints of citrus fruits and strawberries, while others boast powerful notes of ripe yellow and small red fruits. As these wines mature, they develop additional layers of dried fruit and spices, showcasing a versatility that sets them apart from other styles.

The Magic of Pink in Rosé Champagne

Rosé Champagne delights with its captivating spectrum of pink shades, ranging from soft pink and salmon pink to deeper raspberry hues. Surprisingly, this aesthetically pleasing pink hue can be achieved through two methods: Blending and Macerating.

Blended Rosés involve mixing white wines with a small percentage of red wine from the Champagne region, typically 5% – 20%. On the other hand, Macerated Rosés are created by letting the juice of black grapes macerate with their skins for 24 to 72 hours, resulting in the infusion of colour. Regardless of the method, Rosé Champagne’s iconic pink bubbles are always a feast for the eyes.

Perfect Pairings for Rosé Champagne

One of the most versatile and food-friendly styles of Champagne, Rosé pairs harmoniously with an array of dishes due to its depth of flavour and acidity. The exuberant joyfulness of Rosé Champagne complements dishes with unique flavours, creating warm and refined harmonies.

The Magic of Rosé Champagne: Summer's Pink Delight

For a delightful experience, try pairing Rosé Champagne with dishes from the East or Far East, such as curry, tajines, and white meats glazed with pineapple, figs, or coconuts, ensuring a balanced approach to avoid overwhelming the palate.

Selecting the right pairing also depends on the type of rosé you choose. Lighter rosés work best with deep-water fish, served with lemon or crispy vegetables, as well as sushis, sashimis, and tempuras. More robust rosés pair well with flavourful ‘red’ meats like duck, pigeon, beef, and lamb seasoned with warm (cumin, saffron) or ‘hotter’ spices (white, grey, or black pepper) and stews.

For mature rosés, which boast refined old vintages or ‘cuvée spéciale,’ they shine brightest without accompaniments. Enhance their elegance with dishes of delicate simplicity and subtle fragrances, such as lightly marinated shellfish or lightly sautéed whitish meats sprinkled with mild spices. And for complex, mature Rosé Champagne, indulge in oriental dishes of the most refined kind.

Embrace the Pink Trend with Rosé Champagne:

The Magic of Rosé Champagne: Summer's Pink Delight

For a quintessential taste of summer, embrace the British classic of strawberries and cream. Introduced by Thomas Wolsey, the right-hand man to King Henry VIII, and now a staple at the Wimbledon Championships since 1877, this delightful treat pairs perfectly with Rosé Champagne’s fresh notes or complex wild berry fruit aromas. The combination is a true celebration of the season.

With pink taking centre stage this season and drinks worldwide turning pink for summer, there’s no better time to celebrate with a glass of delicious and beautiful Rosé Champagne. Whether you’re sipping it at a social gathering or indulging in a summer feast, Rosé Champagne is the perfect accompaniment to embrace the vibrant spirit of the season. Cheers to a summer filled with rosy delights!

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