The Most Unusual Casinos in the World

The casino business is quite competitive because of the millions of casinos that are cropping up every year. This has forced the operators to come up with ingenious ideas to attract new players and maintain the loyalty of their die-hard fans. The idea is to ensure that customers gamble in a safe and enjoyable establishment.

As you will see from this list, there are many operators who are going to extreme lengths to grab your eye. Whether it’s playing casino games in a desert cave or playing inside a Boeing 777 aeroplane. You’ve come to the right place to see unique casinos that you’ll never forget.

Sun City Resort

The Most Unusual Casinos in the World

This one is in beautiful mother Africa. South Africa is one of the biggest second world countries, it’s as big as countries like Brazil, Egypt and South Korea. We recommend this casino to people who have been thinking of going for a vacation. Yes, it’s time to gamble and experience a safari tour through the game parks of South Africa. Your journey to this casino will only take 2 hours if you’re coming from Johannesburg.

Sun City Resort is as stunning as it is exotic. The location of this casino makes it unusual because of its proximity to indigenous animals. A simple look through your window and you might see a baby giraffe playing with its siblings. You’ll be guided to the nearby Pilanesberg Game Reserve if you want to experience a closer look at animals like lions and elephants. Giraffes are especially known for their love of humans, remember to grab a camera when you pat and feed one. The casino itself is rich with offers like card games, roulette and slots. Sun City Resort is also famed for its opulence and elegant setting. If you’re looking for the best “unusual casino” then this best online casino.

Casino Flamingo

Kenya is also a great destination for safari lovers because its capital Nairobi is the only city in the world with a game park in the middle of the city centre. Have you ever heard of anything like that? Casino Flamingo is located in the Westlands region of town. The poker tournaments and slots are some of the best attractions here. Nairobi will make you forget about the negative stereotypes about Africa. The city has been named among the 45 fastest growing cities in the world thanks to its lucrative real estate industry. Just remember to visit the giraffe park and travel to the coastal town of Lamu if you have time. Lamu was formed in 1310 and it has many Portuguese castles and foods that are influenced by Arabic culture. The world-class railway system is the best way to reach the coastal region because it goes through the Nairobi National Park. It’s cheap and also allows you to see lions and cheetahs from the comfort of your seat.

Macau Palace

The Most Unusual Casinos in the World

Macau is a big brand name in the world of gambling. It provides hotspots for all types of games around the globe.  This casino/hotel is modelled around the city of Venice. This unusual destination was created in 2007. There are many classic games to play. The casinos will give you an experience to remember. You’ll enjoy the ambience and luxury.

The play spaces are divided by small canals. Feel free to enjoy the numerous rooms available after you finish gambling. There are up to 3,000 first-class rooms.

Desert Cave Resort

Can you guess what makes this casino special? Well, it’s one of the most attractive destinations in Australia. This casino provides a great option for individuals who want to visit an exotic destination. This casino is built in the desert, just like the ones in Las Vegas. However, it has its own appeal which makes it unique.

Desert Cave Resort was established in 1988 in a town known as Cobber Pedy. It was founded by a person called Umberto Coro. The most interesting thing about these casino sites is that they were built in a sandstone cave. This sandstone cave protects the establishment against strong winds in addition to creating a unique playing environment.

Gamblers are treated to a classy restaurant, bar and 16 poker machines. You’ll be allowed to play as much as you want. You can swim in the underground pool when you get tired. You can then proceed to sleep in the rooms for rent. This is one of the most memorable casinos worldwide.

North Cadbury Court

There are many full-size casino tables that come with authentic equipment and a fantastic atmosphere. Guests are known to have a lot of fun and they feel safe in this casino. There is a beautiful ambience that greets you when you enter.

The excitement of playing this casino will only increase when you realise that it’s in an underground cellar room. We guarantee you that you will enjoy it. If you’re in a remote place, you can use your phone to access online gambling and take advantage of the opportunity to get a no deposit bonus casino in Ireland.

Resorts World Genting

Many gamblers have come across the Genting brand when playing casino games. These Malaysian casino operators have built a reputation because of their quality. The company owns online casinos and land-based casinos.

This resort is built 6,000 metres above sea level in the mountains of Pahang. It’s not easy to get to these mountains but that journey is what makes it interesting. You’ll realise that it was worth it once you get there. You’ll love that there is a 150-million years rainforest that surrounds the site. The nearest city is only 40 minutes away.

Rivers Casino Des Plaines

The Most Unusual Casinos in the World

The state laws of Illinois require that gambling establishments should offer their services on the water. This is an interesting destination for people who have never seen a casino on a stretch of water. This gambling location is as extravagant as they come. It’s an establishment that occupies a small portion of a water mass. The casino has been operating in an area near downtown Chicago since 2011.

The O’Hare International Airport is the closest landmark to use when you want to find The Rivers Casino. You’ll be exposed to at least 50 table games and hundreds of slot machines. 

Jet Lounge Casino – France

Grab that plane ticket to France and dash to the jet lounge casino. This casino is still incomplete but the plan is to make customers gamble in the skies. The establishment is constructed inside a Boeing 777 aeroplane. This experience is meant for special VIP customers.

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