The New Bentley Jewellery Collection With Heinz Mayer

The new Bentley Jewellery collection integrates the recognisable Bentley design features into every piece.

There are a few brands in the world that have such a niche clientele that their products are not considered an add-on but are a physical representation of an entire culture, or rather, a lifestyle. One of these is the luxury automotive brand Bentley.

Everything that Bentley is and stands for is captured flawlessly in their designs. From the way a car drives to the look and functionality of its cabin, the British brand understands exactly who its niche client-base is and how they live. This deep understanding has allowed the brand to venture out beyond car manufacturing and as a result, has allowed them to venture into capsule collections ranging from home decor to fragrances.

It is, therefore, no surprise that Bentley has recently announced a new collaboration that will propel them into yet another aspect of their client’s lives. During Baselworld in Switzerland, Bentley introduced their first ever jewellery collection.

The New Bentley Jewellery Collection With Heinz Mayer
Wings Double Pendant

Through a strategic partnership with Heinz Mayer, the two brands have created a timeless selection of contemporary diamond and gold pieces that integrate the recognisable Bentley design features into every item.

In choosing a partner for this groundbreaking project, Bentley had to search for a brand that not only held the same core values of design but also who shares their passion for bespoke craftsmanship. Perhaps none were better suited for the ‘position’ than Heinz Mayer. This family-owned manufacturer, who dates back to 1599, prides themselves in their flawless work and exceptional attention to detail.

The partnership between the iconic British luxury car brand and the pioneer jewellery manufacturer translates a new and exciting element of modern design and the highest quality materials into wearable accessories that are truly authentic and individual for discerning global customers.

The New Bentley Jewellery Collection With Heinz Mayer
Wings Single Drop Earring

The range consists of two collections namely the Wings Collection and the Everlasting Collection. The Wings Collection which features rings, earrings and pendants are inspired by the flowing lines of the Bentley wings. The collection utilizes contrast in its designs. Combining yellow, white, rose gold as well as the contrasting smooth gold set against the roughness of the diamond pavé setting, each item is a visual masterpiece of craftsmanship, design and detail.

The Everlasting Collection, on the other hand, utilises the exquisite play on light that the combination of white gold and diamonds offer. The pieces in this collection are elegant, timeless and can be passed down for generations without worrying about their styles ageing. They offer an understated refined luxury that Bentley understands and designs so well.

The New Bentley Jewellery Collection With Heinz Mayer

Prices and retailer information will be available later in 2019 via

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