The Organic Spa Madrid

Located in the Barrio de Salamanca’s Golden Mile, the Organic Spa Madrid offers the ultimate Thai spa experience right in the heart of Spain.

With Father’s Day now fast-approaching, many of you will be looking for fun, exciting, and personal ways to express your love and appreciation for your fathers.

Now, when it comes to Father’s Day, we know that there are certain gift ideas that are considered to be cliché, yet somehow are synonymous with this special day.

Gifts such as ties, socks and even beer are all associated with Father’s Day, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with these gifts, sometimes it does pay to think outside of the box and do something a little different just to show your appreciation.

If you are looking to pamper your dad, to help him relax, unwind and to help him enjoy a day he’ll never forget, you may wish to consider looking at the Organic Spa Madrid.

The Organic Spa is considered one of, if not the best, wellness and relaxation spas in all of Madrid. This spa is about as close as you can get to escape to a Thai wellness spa and retreat, without ever leaving Spain. If your dad is full of knots, stress and tension, a day at the Organic Spa is one which he will find incredibly relaxing and beneficial.

The spa employs some of the best Thai masseuses in the country, helping to bring the art of Thai massage to the heart of the nation’s capital.

The Organic Spa, as the name suggests, utilizes only organic products which are of the very finest quality that you can imagine. Once your father enters it will be as if he has been transported to his own private oasis of peace, relaxation and tranquillity.

The spa offers private suites, along with numerous treatment options, detox cures, royal Thai massage, massages to overcome jet lag, and much more. Utilizing organic herbs, spices, essential oils and other 100% organic-certified ingredients, this spa really is something quite special.

If your dad works too hard, is constantly wound up, stressed, tense and deserves to be treated, why not treat him to a day at the Organic Spa Madrid and give him an experience that he will never forget?

Located in the Barrio de Salamanca's Golden Mile, the Organic Spa Madrid offers the ultimate Thai spa experience right in the heart of Spain.

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Images: Javier Galué

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