The Power of She: Celebrating Women In The Arts

In honour of Women’s History Month 2023, Bowman Sculpture and Guerin Projects are proud to present ‘The Power of She: A Tribute to Women in the Arts.’

This groundbreaking exhibition will feature 14 remarkable artists spanning the 18th century to the present day, highlighting the significant contributions women have made to the art world.

The event is scheduled to take place from May 5th to June 16th, 2023, at the iconic Bowman Sculpture gallery space in St James’s, London.

The Power of She celebrates the female voice and will showcase a diverse selection of works in different mediums.

The exhibition aims to explore various themes, including the silent history of female artists, women’s current role in society, and humanity’s relationship with nature and the human condition.

A Curatorial Initiative from Accomplished Women

MarieClaudine Llamas and Mica Bowman, both accomplished women curators, have collaborated to create this thought-provoking exhibit.

The Power of She: Celebrating Women In The Arts
Marie-Claudine Llamas and Mica Bowman photographed by James D. Kelly

Some of the featured artists include Camille Claudel, Elizabeth Frink, Barbara Hepworth, Emily Young, Lily Lewis, and Pauline Amos.

This display promises to encourage a dialogue between the historical and contemporary, offering a new perspective on the representation of womanhood by women through the centuries.

Shaking Up the Patriarchy

The exhibition will take place in Mayfair, the traditional epicentre of a male-dominated art world.

The Power of She: Celebrating Women In The Arts
Camille Claudel ‘l’Implorante’

The curators aim to shake up the patriarchy by showcasing the extraordinary talents of women artists from around the world.

The exhibition also features a six-week program, including a performance by Natascha Mair, Prima Ballerina of the English National Ballet, female musicians and DJs, and talks from several artists involved in the project.

Art that Tells a Story

Each artist has a unique story to tell through their work. Emily Young’s ‘The Skies Daughter,’ carved from a piece of Lapis Lazuli, tells the story of the harsh working conditions faced by local miners in Afghanistan.

Lily Lewis’s ‘FACES’ series showcases secondary characters from major literary works, questioning the traditional narrative structures inherited through history and literature.

Pauline Amos’s visceral paintings document a woman’s life and interpret her experiences in the world.

Conceived by Women, for Women

Mica Bowman states that the overarching theme that ties everything together in this show is about women’s voices.

This includes those women whose voices may not have been heard or appreciated during their own lifetimes and those of the living artists. The exhibition seeks to address the subject of inequality and to remember the women who came before us.

The Power of She: Celebrating Women In The Arts
Emily Young ‘Quiet Speleothem Head’, 2022

MarieClaudine Llamas adds that ‘The Power of She‘ describes the different states, chapters, and aspects which a woman goes through during the course of her life.


The Power of She: A Tribute to Women in the Arts’ promises to be a powerful exhibition that celebrates women’s creativity and showcases their unique perspectives.

The event seeks to highlight the significant contributions made by women artists throughout history, encouraging viewers to explore the world through their eyes.

It is a groundbreaking curatorial initiative by two accomplished women curators who aim to put women artists front and centre in the art world.

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