The Secret Sebastian Bear Mcclard Emily Ratajkowski Wedding

When the news of the secret Sebastian Bear Mcclard Emily Ratajkowski wedding hit Instagram earlier this year, it nearly broke the internet. The shock was not just that there was no build up or official announcement, in fact, most of the model/actress’ fans didn’t even know that the couple was anywhere near that serious. It was only after she posted a picture on her Instagram account that the world was let in on their secret wedding.

In an interview one Busy Philipps‘ new show Busy Tonight, Emily Ratajkowski confirmed that the couple had been seeing each other for around two years but that she immediately knew that he was the one. Although she confirmed that she “vetted him for two years”, she just knew. In the interview, she commented:

“Women always know, come on—what? I’m like, who, all the sudden, like, changes the way they look at someone? No, I was always like, Okay, probably shouldn’t hang out with that guy alone.”

The Sebastian Bear Mcclard Emily Ratajkowski fairy-tale might have begun as a friendship but thanks to Sebastian Bear Mcclard’s romantic and impulsive side, it turned down Romantic Alley real quick. After dating for a short while, the couple was having a romantic dinner at Minetta Tavern in New York when the producer proposed. We think it is safe to assume that the engagement was spur of the moment as the original ‘engagement ring’ was fashioned out of a paper clip from their dinner bill.

Shortly after, the couple decided to tie the knot at the City Hall in Manhattan. The groom wore a light-blue suit paired with retro-chic sunglasses and a 5 o’clock shadow beard. The Bride looked photoshoot-ready as she went for a mustard colour pantsuit with black turn-up cuffs. She finished off the look with a black flat-rim hat with a black netted-veil.

The Secret Sebastian Bear Mcclard Emily Ratajkowski Wedding

Emily Ratajkowski Engagement Ring

After 5-months of married bliss, the model once again took to Instagram to showcase her new engagement ring. Much like their relationship, the ring itself is most certainly unconventional. Paired with a hammered-gold band, the diamond ring comprises of two large stones set on a thin gold band. The stones consist of a large square cut diamond next to a pear-shaped diamond sent on the slant.

The Secret Sebastian Bear Mcclard Emily Ratajkowski Wedding

Despite the fact that the couple never had a honeymoon they look as if have been in honeymoon mode since then with no sign of letting up. We are sure to keep an eye out on Instagram for the next surprise post. A picture of a baby-bootie perhaps? Here’s hoping!

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