The Top 10 Luxury Sports Cars Of 2021 – For The Ride Of Your Life

Sports cars are the epitome of luxury. The second you slide behind the wheel you become James Bond or a supermodel siren. They have the ability to transform your mood instantly and give you an adrenaline rush like no other! Let’s take a look at the top 10 sports cars of the year.

Chevrolet Corvette

Featuring an LT2 V8 engine, this revelation of a vehicle is more powerful than the previous model. When Chevy switched to a mid-engine layout last year, they knew the results would be simply spectacular, and they were right! Even though all betting players love to play, a bet against this model would have had high odds. One of the key features of this vehicle is an eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox instead of a manual transmission.

Porsche 911

Porsche is undeniably one of the most well-known luxury sports car manufacturers. This particular model is said to go from 0-60 in 2.7 seconds, but truthfully it feels like a lot faster than that. Before you can blink, you’ll be doing 100! This beauty of a car does well in many different environments and certainly won’t hurt your image. One of the most exciting features of this model is the engine: changes made since the last model now offer 32 extra horsepower!


The whopping 7,200rpm is definitely a feat of modern engineering, but we think it might be a little more than most people would ever be able to use. This vehicle is happiest when truly let loose on the open road, so if you do a lot of long-distance driving it might be the car for you.

The Top 10 Luxury Sports Cars Of 2021 - For The Ride Of Your Life

Porsche Cayman

This is Porsche’s second appearance on the list. Last year, Porsche changed over to a six-cylinder engine which not all of their fans truly loved. The counter to this disappointment is the lower price point, which we’re sure will alleviate a lot of concerns. This comfortable, slick and speedy vehicle is nothing to sniff at, even though the manufacturer may be trying new things.


This wide, sturdy coupe is a shoo-in for the top 10 list. Not only does it come in a manual or automatic variation, but it’s just chomping at the bit to take on straights with its twin-turbo engine. It doesn’t have all the lush interior comforts of some of the earlier vehicles, but this is a driver’s car, not a passenger’s.

Porsche Boxster 718

Long time Porsche fans will be pleased to know that the much-loved six-cylinder is BACK in the 718 lines, starting with the Spyder. The new engine offers 394 horsepower, which is 29 more than the last GTS model. Currently, the vehicle only offers a six-speed manual transmission, but who knows what the future may hold? 

Mercedes-Benz SL 550 

This is a car that offers some serious street cred and a definite boost to your status in the eyes of car lovers everywhere. Something a little new for Mercedes Benz is the push-button start feature, saving yet more time in the lives of every driver. This is a comfortable and solid vehicle, with low mounted front seats that give it a sporty feel. Super comfortable and easy to slide in and out of!

Toyota Supra

Not to be outdone by their competitors, Toyota has smashed it out of the park with this year’s Supra. Its classic, sleek sports car shape and its 0-60 in 4.1 seconds ability are just two of its most impressive qualities. In true sports car style, the interior features 2 bucket seats and a snazzy digital instrument panel with an 8.8in touch screen in the upper models. Eight airbags aim to keep Toyota passengers as safe as can be.

The Top 10 Luxury Sports Cars Of 2021 - For The Ride Of Your Life

Chevrolet SS Camaro

The pros of this model Chevy are many: shary around unexpected turns, unbeatable acceleration from its V6 or V8 engine, a smooth ride with its new adaptive suspension and great value for money with the standard Chevy parts. There are a few cons to oppose those pros: small back seats, limited trunk space and awkward controls. Overall though, Chevy fans are very happy with this latest offering.


Of all the BMW’s on the list, this is the most perfectly balanced. It is silky smooth on the open road, handles well in all kinds of road scenarios and is a speedy vehicle to boot. It’s not what most people would call a traditional sports car; more of a sports-sedan hybrid. The control system has been recalibrated to be sharper and more sensitive and the new parts and tuning make driving over rough roads a breeze.

The Top 10 Luxury Sports Cars Of 2021 - For The Ride Of Your Life
2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe and Convertible (far right in new Silver Flare Metallic)

From wide and solid to curvy and quick, this list has them all. Whether you purchase them brand new off the sales floor or second-hand and search the web for the best auto body shop Bellevue, or wherever you live, these cars are bound to give you the thrill you are looking for. Which one do you like the most?