The Top 6 Summer Accessories Not To Miss

While they are very underrated, accessories are among the most important aspects of any outfit. Anyone who loves accessories knows just how much the right combination can transform a look.

The thing about these subtle extras is that they can elevate your ensemble; they can turn something basic into looking incredibly stylish. When used strategically, accessories can pull your outfit together and help you express your style. They are the key to individuality; if you think about it, the chances that two people wear the same dress are much higher than them coordinating a look with the same accessories. Whether you are too lazy to change out of your pyjamas for your next Zoom meeting, or you’re looking to turn heads wherever you go, this season’s accessories will help you achieve your goal.

Here are the top 6 summer accessories not to miss.

1. The Inescapable Mask

The Top 6 Summer Accessories Not To Miss

A novel necessity, the mask has made its way to our wardrobes last year. While the blue surgical mask may have sufficed for a while, it’s time to switch things up now that we’ve accepted they won’t be going anywhere for a while. From statement and designer to simplistic and sustainable, there are wide arrays of stylish masks to choose from.

Most people hate wearing masks; however, besides keeping yourself and others safe, think of it as a way to take your outfit up a notch. Choose a mask that complements your look, is breathable, and feels comfortable. If you want, you can purchase a pack of neutral-coloured reusable masks so that they can match almost every outfit you wear. If you have a bolder style, you will find a range of embellished, printed, and even shaped masks that you can choose from. 

2. Elegant Scrunchies

The Top 6 Summer Accessories Not To Miss

Although they have been “in” for quite some time now, scrunchies are big (literally) this season. Hair accessories are coming back strong in 2021, and of course, scrunchies are part of the spectacle. Huge organza scrunchies can be worn with every outfit, and we’re not even mad about it. They can instantly grab anyone’s attention- not because they’re loud, but because they’re surprisingly graceful. 

3. Sunglasses

The Top 6 Summer Accessories Not To Miss

Sunglasses never go out of style; not only do they protect us from the sun, but they can also give any outfit character and edge. The eyewear specialists behind Oscar and Frank sunglasses explain that this season offers a huge collection of fashionable styles you can choose from. Angular cat-eyes, XXL glasses, sporty shades, bright rectangles, and retro rounds are just a few of this summer’s interesting pieces. 

4. Layered Necklaces

The Top 6 Summer Accessories Not To Miss

Have you ever stood in front of your accessory drawer wondering which necklace to put on? Deciding which one matches or complements your outfit the most can be a pain. If you’re indecisive, now is your time to shine and wear them all at once. In all seriousness, layering several pieces of jewellery can be very fashionable, given that you do it right. You need to think about which pieces to overlay, according to their tones, length, and style.

If you’re opting for an edgy look, you can overlay several colourful accessories. If you want to stay on the more polished side of things, you can wear three or four silver or gold pieces together. 

5. Hair Clips

The Top 6 Summer Accessories Not To Miss

This season’s hair clips are like no other. If you want to go all out, decorate your hair using maximalist tic tac and bobby pins. No matter which hairstyle you’re wearing or the outfit you’re rocking, statement hair clips will surely make you look like the fashion icon you were meant to be. Colours, monograms, shining, or designer, whatever your heart desires.

6. Pearls

The Top 6 Summer Accessories Not To Miss

The fact that this 60s fashion trend is hitting the runways shows just how timeless some fashion statements are. When it comes to jewellery, it’s no surprise that pearls have always been at the top of the list. You can wear them on your hairband, as a choker, a necklace, or even as an ear cuff. This trend will undoubtedly make you feel like the one and only Blair Waldorf.

Many people don’t realize the importance of accessories. While they are supplemental pieces, they’re still an incredibly important style element. Accessories are the essence of any outfit; they can make an effortless look stand out. Knowing how to subtly, yet transformatively decorate yourself using what seem to be final touches is an art. Accessories can breathe life into any outfit; the right tricks can immediately liven up a boring look. To help you out, we’ve collected the top 6 summer accessories in 2021.

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