The Twinkle Of Christmas Cocktails At Annabel’s

Our cherished UK nation has perpetually taken immense ample pride, in readying our respective years for their lavish Christmas send-offs which forever have showcased the essence of unabashed glittering grandeur. 

With every crescent and district doubly doused in an abundant array of dazzling jubilant attires, our local and jet-set beaus and belles find their besuited selves cocooned within a festive Shangri-La of luminous diamond star-topped trees adorned with golden dipped baubles gleaming finery, and enchanting fairytale facades twinkling away in all its fairy-lit glory whilst indulging in sybaritic affairs of gourmet carvery delights, and dramatic mixology concoctions.

Evermore heralded for their sensational installations, the grand dame members club of Mayfair Annabel’s has yet again, not only not spared a heart soul nor a shiny penny to invigorate the dreams of the Capital’s glitterati with their spellbinding facade, but furthermore chaperone their discerning members and graceful visiting guests onboard a special festive cocktail odyssey,  oozing with artistic theatrical flair entwined with an ambrosial piquant palate. 

Christened after the Lady Annabel Goldsmith, this haute-monde hideaway has painted a portrait of hedonistic discretion since its genesis in 1963, for Mayfair’s blue-blooded society in the hands of Eton alumna and British entrepreneur, Mark Birley, before millionaire baron Richard Caring was handed the torch in 2017 and paved the path to an elevated grandiose renaissance at 46 Berkeley Square. 

The Twinkle Of Christmas Cocktails At Annabel’s

Standing tall as Richard Caring’s indomitable collaborator behind Annabel’s design aesthetics, was Swedish native and interiors prodigy, Martin Brudnizki.  His creative vision mingling eccentric resplendence with mythical-like surrealism has to date, captured the hearts residing within this aristocratic quadrangle, as they bask amongst the ethereal backdrops of a pink onyx back-lit bar, and vibrant hand-painted glass walls while they seek to sip and relax into the twilight hours, and satiate their parched throats on some of the most meticulously curated cocktail created specially for the Christmas season by the polished mixologist troupe.

A show-stopping, ethereal concoction highlighted in this exclusive deluxe beverage catalogue, rests with the sparkling flicker abundant amalgamation of the Glitter 47.

The Twinkle Of Christmas Cocktails At Annabel’s

Emitting a lustrous golden orange hue, this silk smooth nectar sees a harmonious medley of the crisp, botanical pine fresh notes of Monkey 47 Gin, swirled with Annabel’s own slow brewed Mulled Wine, unearthing robust earthy cinnamon spiced aromas twinned with the red fruit and honeyed orange flavour profile released from the warm red wine.  Hoisting the fragrant rich contents with an exotic splash, the splash of Savoia Orancio seeks to intensify the deep orange layers while revealing a blanket of cranberry-tinted red tea, and delicate floral sweet tones from the touch of real saffron. Concluding this enchanting potion, a hint of Perrier-Jouët Champagne reveals the lasting finish of ripe apple and toasted brioche hints, whilst the embellishments of real golden flakes make for a ravishing resolution to this glamorous formation. 

Serving up a more debonair slice of suave urbane flair to the aperitif catalogue, the Golden Blend sees the smooth amber-toned spiced fruit decadence of Aberlour 12yo Whisky, interweaved with Havana 7 Rum to showcase the vast full-bodied gusto of buttery honeycomb, crumbly biscuits and heady cedar wood. Adding a soothing coat to soften the otherwise intense bold piquancy, the Philadelphia Zabaglione custard builds on its dainty malted relish, rounded off with a bijou velvet grating of bitter-sweet dark chocolate.

Playing to a high-spirited twist on a classic cocktail mixture, the Fireside Fiesta draws on yet more of the club’s favoured Aberlour 12yo, swirled with a brew of strong Tobacco Liqueur that marries the elegant sweetness of cognac, with an intense potent woodiness chosen to steady that searing fire like essence from this remarkable rare spirit.

The Twinkle Of Christmas Cocktails At Annabel’s

During this lavish festive interval, cultured members and their guests have the privilege of luxuriating in a dedicated drinking assemblage, alongside a mouthwatering dining offering within the confinements of the Club. On the menu, hearty meat like Lobster and Prawn Cocktail served with salted butter-rich Oscietra Caviar, an idyllic starting dish paired perfectly with a delicate glass of Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque 2014 champagne, adored for its lightness and floral characteristics poured from the iconic anemone bejewelled bottle. To follow the Roasted Norfolk Turkey served with traditional accompaniments has ritually proven a seasonal classic, while the true festive culinary journey comes in the Annabel’s Mont Blanc Balloon, a show-stopping Chestnut Cream, Clementine Sorbet and Candied Chestnut dessert with tempered white chocolate moulded into a hot air balloon. 

A radiant haute-monde beacon within the pedigreed Grade listed domain of 46 Berkeley Square, Annabel’s has periodically represented the topmost in brazen extravagance twirled with a compassionate soul, as revealed in many of their charitable endeavours from the “Annabel’s For The Amazon” campaign in a powerful testimonial to Amazon Day, to their present collaboration with The Caring Family Foundation’s Food from the Heart campaign.

The Twinkle Of Christmas Cocktails At Annabel’s

With their current façade designed by the remarkable and talented Birley Club’s Creative Director, Tatiana Kharchylava was inspired by the idea that anything is possible when we come together we can rise above the difficult times and challenges ahead. The Annabel’s hot air balloon serves as a symbol of hope and inspiration in a year when the world has faced many difficulties and hardships. 

The facade marks The Caring Family Foundation and Annabel’s annual commitment to bring hope and love directly to children through the ‘Food from the Heart’ campaign. Through this initiative, the campaign seeks to tackle child poverty and food insecurity, and together, 2.3 million nutritious and wholesome meals have been delivered. From communities in Sao Paulo, Brazil to schools across the UK, TCFF takes a community approach to nurture hopes, aspirations and futures. Amidst the holiday celebrations and into the new year, all are welcome to take part and support children experiencing hunger this Christmas, via TCFF’s website.

The Twinkle Of Christmas Cocktails At Annabel’s

As the hot air balloon ascends, let it carry with it not just the magic of the season but the collective goodwill and generosity of a community coming together to make a positive impact.

Anuja Gaur

Anuja Gaur is a freelance luxury restaurant and travel writer based in Hertfordshire, UK. She is also an associate at an award-winning hedge fund in Mayfair. Her passion for fine food, illustrious hotels and an all-round love for the finer things in life has sent her to the most prestigious establishments, creating high-quality writing content that is honest, detailed and enjoyable, which invites readers on her immersive luxe filled writers journey.