Getaway Guide: Seven Tips for a Luxurious Norwegian Holiday

Are you ready for a holiday of a lifetime in the land of the Vikings? If you are thinking of going to Norway, here are seven tips to enjoy the country’s attractions and sites in luxurious style.

Visit an Ancient Viking Burial Ship

Getaway Guide: Seven Tips for a Luxurious Norwegian Holiday | Visit an Ancient Viking Burial Ship

You cannot visit Norway without stopping to see an ancient Viking burial ship up close. At the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, you can marvel at the best-preserved burial ships in the world, which were used as the final resting places of Vikings. The stand-out attraction is the entire Oseberg ship, which is the largest-known burial ship on the planet.

Hit the Slopes of Holmenkollen

Getaway Guide: Seven Tips for a Luxurious Norwegian Holiday | Hit the Slopes of Holmenkollen

The Holmenkollen ski resort is a state-of-the-art arena used for ski jumping, cross-country skiing, and biathlon. The site contains a 197-foot ski jump, skiing trails, and a ski stadium. Holmenkollen hosts annual World Cup skiing events, but you do not need to be a world-class skier to enjoy the winter activities on offer. Holmenkollen is only a short metro ride away from Oslo city centre. One thing not to miss is the viewing platform, which has incredible panoramic views across Oslo and the surrounding forests.

Enjoy the View and Cocktails at The Thief Rooftop Bar

Getaway Guide: Seven Tips for a Luxurious Norwegian Holiday | Enjoy the View and Cocktails at The Thief Rooftop Bar

Although there are no casinos in Norway, for those of us who like to do a bit of gambling while on holiday there are plenty of stylish bars where you can enjoy a drink while playing online real-time casino games on your phone like Casumo live casino. One of the best rooftop bars in Oslo is the Thief Rooftop Bar, located on the ninth floor of the Grims Grenka Hotel. The award-winning roof terrace is the ideal place to enjoy cocktails amongst luxurious décor, with a stunning view of the hills of Holmenkollen.

Charter a Vintage Yacht

Getaway Guide: Seven Tips for a Luxurious Norwegian Holiday | Charter a Vintage Yacht

Chartering a private yacht is one of the best ways to explore Norway’s verdant islands and peninsulas in style. Cruising across the Oslofjord, you will see historical sites like monasteries and ruins, as well as the area’s colourful summer houses and cabins. Yachts and boats of various sizes are available, and many offer luxury dinner cruises. One of the best private yacht cruises available is with Norway Yacht Charter. You get to explore the waterways aboard a beautiful wooden sailboat, with an accompanying shrimp buffet that is to-die-for.

Visit the Beautiful Magdalenefjord

Getaway Guide: Seven Tips for a Luxurious Norwegian Holiday |

In Nordvest Spitsbergen, you will find the beautiful green-blue bay of Magdalenefjord. The bay is surrounded by towering peaks and majestic glaciers, making it one of the prettiest areas of Svalbard. Make sure you catch it on a sunny day if you can, to experience the area’s beauty to the max.

Dine-in Luxury at Maaemo Restaurant

Getaway Guide: Seven Tips for a Luxurious Norwegian Holiday | Dine-in Luxury at Maaemo Restaurant
Image: Carl Hansen & Søn

If you want to enjoy the fine dining of this Oslo restaurant, you will need to book months in advance. But it is more than worth doing. If you have worked up an appetite, you can sample Maaemo’s 20 courses that reflect all the flavours and sensual experiences of Norwegian culinary delights. The three-Michelin-stars restaurant is so elitist, that you will only share the experience with a handful of other diners, either upstairs at the chef’s table that caters for six people, or downstairs in the dining room crafted from steel and glass, decorated with Norwegian mythology artefacts and pictures.

Feel the Magic of the Northern Lights

Getaway Guide: Seven Tips for a Luxurious Norwegian Holiday | Feel the Magic of the Northern Lights

A luxurious trip to Norway is not complete without seeing the Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as the Northern Lights. The swirls and swivels of colours in the sky are created by electrically charged particles. But who cares about the science? The Northern Lights are simply one of the most incredible natural spectacles you will ever encounter. The best place you can hope to see the lights is on the outskirts of the city of Tromsø.

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