Tips For Preventing Tooth Decay In Children

We hope you are aware that you are a role model for your children when you are a parent. So, if you care about your teeth health well, you should teach your children to do the same. Tooth decay is the most common teeth problem in children, and that’s mostly because they don’t know how to brush their teeth right, and you should help them prevent cavities in childhood because that will help them later in life. If you don’t know how, here are some valuable tips.

1. Regular Routine Check-Ups

Tips for preventing tooth decay in children

Teach your child not to be scared of the dentist. It would be best if you took him to the dentist at least twice a year. Routine check-ups are very effective for discovering any oral problems. And if you are regularly visiting your dentist with your child, the dentist will be able to prevent some teeth issues. Many parents are curious to know when is the best time to start visiting the dentist. It would be best if you did routine check-ups after the child grows a couple of first teeth. 

2. Teach Your Children Not To Share The Bottle

Tips for preventing tooth decay in children

Considering that tooth decay is caused by oral bacteria that can be spread by sharing food and drink. And about 25% of children experience issues with tooth decay before they turn four, which means that lots of children are dealing with cavities. When they are at kindergarten, preschool, or school, they usually ask each other for a sip of water or just a bite from their food. That’s how they spread bacteria that cause tooth decay, so you need to teach them to stop doing that.  

3. Limit Sugar Intake

Tips for preventing tooth decay in children

Oral bacteria that cause cavities feed on sugar, and when you are letting your child eat a lot of sweets, you are feeding the bacteria in his mouth. Of course, we know you can’t deprive your children of the joy of chocolate, but you can limit the amounts of sugar your child is taking daily. Avoid giving them sugary drinks; if they get used to drinking a lot of juices, replace those juices bought in the supermarket with freshly squeezed juice you make at home. Let them drink more water during the day; it’s essential to be hydrated. Sweets and junk food should be avoided too. By adopting some healthier habits, your child will definitely prevent tooth decay, and other health issues will be prevented too. Also, if your child is still using a bottle, never let him sleep with it. You have to brush their teeth before they fall asleep, so if you give your child juice or sweetened warm milk before bed, you should do it before putting them in bed.  

4. Make Your Child Follow A Strict Dental Care Routine

Tips for preventing tooth decay in children

Guys from Smile Solution revealed to us what is the best routine your child should follow to prevent tooth decay. You should make your child brush their teeth twice a day, and each brushing should last at least three minutes. Suppose your child is too young to brush their teeth properly. In that case, you should ensure that teeth are clean enough and that there aren’t any food leftovers in your child’s mouth.

Flossing should be part of the evening routine, and you should help your child floss, so they don’t hurt their gums. Choosing a proper toothbrush and toothpaste is very important too. Toothbrushes should be small so children will be able to use them the right way; children shouldn’t use fluoride toothpaste. Also, the amount of toothpaste matters, so children who are under two years old should use a rice-size strip of toothpaste, and for an older child’s pea-size amount is appropriate.