Top Mobile Payment Methods For Online Slots

Not only have mobile phones made our lives immeasurably easier and more convenient, but they are also a great source of entertainment. Whilst the complexity of mobile games is developing, slot games remain the firm preference for a huge number of people.

However, the thought of entering sensitive bank details into virtual cyberspace can be a worrying prospect for many. Using trusted payment systems is essential when playing slots online, which can be done by utilizing slot sites that accept PayPal. PayPal is one of the most well-known online payment providers across the world.

To help you stay safe, this article details some of the most recommended payment methods to use when playing slots online.

The Popularity Of Online Slots

Top Mobile Payment Methods For Online Slots

For almost every casino, slots are one of the most beloved games and attract a huge player base. The move online has only increased the number of slots players as playing online offers a range of exclusive benefits.

Convenience is one of the most crucial aspects that has helped online slots reach the level of popularity they see today. Without a lengthy trip to an arcade or casino necessary, playing slots is now as easy as opening an app.

They can be accessed anywhere and at any time meaning the fun of online slots is no longer restricted by distance or time.

Another advantage of playing on mobile is the vast range of slot variations now just a couple of clicks away. Each individual game is themed differently, with unique visuals and audio to offer a varied experience even for frequent players.

Often, these themes are based around pop culture, including Monopoly and The Chase, which are often amongst the most played.

As well as thematic changes, there are also variations on a minimum stake as well as slots with alternative rules. Slingo is a common form of slot to play online, deriving its name from how it combines slots and bingo.

Furthermore, the progressive jackpots offered by online slots are a key part of their popularity, with the winnings reaching the millions. Another great benefit to playing slots on mobile is that, now, almost every company has released a compatible app. These apps make using slots as seamless and simple as possible, with a clear layout that is easily navigable.

Payment Methods

Top Mobile Payment Methods For Online Slots

In order for slots to be as accessible as possible, slot providers must accommodate a range of payment methods. Each customer has their preferred method of paying and using each should be safe and easy.

The majority of methods listed below offer quick deposits and withdrawals, with low or non-existent transaction fees. Due to how mobile devices save passwords and make them immediately accessible, even using external sites can be done almost instantaneously.

However, some of the payment methods are subject to legislation in certain countries, meaning they may not apply universally.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay presents one of the quickest and easiest methods of paying and can be done in only a few seconds. As a debit or credit card is already linked to the mobile device, authorizing a payment only requires a touch or face ID.

Whilst a useful feature for any Apple user, this feature is obviously only accessible on iOS.


PayPal is highly regarded as a safe payment tool that often guarantees consumer protection, making it a great choice for online slots.

A customer may add a certain amount into their PayPal or link it to a debit card for unlimited withdrawals. Consequently, the user has the flexibility to safeguard against potential losses by only using the predetermined amount in their account.

Debit/Credit Card

Another way to enjoy mobile slots online is simply to add a debit or credit card directly to the site itself. This is perhaps the most straightforward as it doesn’t require any external services or accounts. Credit cards give more flexibility as it allows the customer to add funds that they will pay for at a later date.

However, some countries have banned the use of credit cards when using online casinos sites, making this option subject to location.


The surge in popularity recently seen by cryptocurrencies has led to them also infiltrating the slots market. Due to the anonymity offered by crypto, using it for casino gaming may be an extra safeguard against scammers.

Prepaid Cards

Another popular payment method is using prepaid cards. These can be purchased online or in-person and protect against potential losses by containing a set amount of money.

As a result, prepaid cards are a great means of limiting the amount spent, however, money can’t be withdrawn from them.

Top Mobile Payment Methods For Online Slots

Internet Safety

Despite all of its perks, the internet can be a dangerous place, with scammers and fraudsters an unfortunate inevitability. Staying safe and keeping your financial information secure are of utmost importance when playing online slots.

When playing mobile slots, try to only use trusted companies. Usually, those with apps on the Appstore are safe as any illegitimate apps should be quickly taken down.

As well as being mindful of the sites or apps, using a trusted payment method is equally necessary.


Mobile devices are home to an almost endless selection of advanced games, yet, for many, slots remain their preference. There are now more ways than ever to add funds online and lose hours playing slot games. However, with the potential security risk, every internet user has to take, ensuring all financial information is secure is pivotal. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to use the above payment methods that are both safe and convenient.

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