Top 5 Things To Do In Iceland

With so many things to do in Iceland, the options can become overwhelming. So to help out, we have highlighted some of the top activities to make the most of your trip.

There is no doubt that Iceland is a land of contrasting landscapes and is a tourism hotspot. On one hand, you find so many active volcanoes and on the other hand, the country is covered in snow! It is arguably one of the world’s most beautiful countries and is a must on any traveller’s bucket list!

Annually, more than two million visitors travel to Iceland each year to marvel at the country’s glaciers, hot springs, fjords, natural spas and its general natural beauty. But it is not just an indulgent destination of tranquillity and an endless parade of ‘viewing spots’. Iceland is a favourite travel destination for thrill and adventure seekers with an unimaginable amount of extreme adventure activities available as well.

In case you are planning a trip and don’t know where to start, stick to this list for the top things to do in Iceland and you won’t go wrong.

But first, do you know?

  • Drinking tap water in Iceland is incredibly safe as it is available in the purest form.
  • Iceland is a country with over 130 volcanos of which 30 are active.
  • There used to be virtually no trees in Iceland but thanks to deforestation efforts there are now a couple of beautiful forest areas.
  • Extremely surprising but you can find a Penis Museum in Reykjavik called the Icelandic Phallological Museum and has a collection of over 215 penises of different land and sea mammals.
  • Iceland is also known as the land of Midnight sun because during the month of May and June there are 24-hours of sunlight each day.

Here Are The Top Things To Do In Iceland.

Whale Watching Tours In Reykjavík

Top Things to do in Iceland | Whale watching tours in Reykjavík

The ocean holds many beautiful and fascinating creatures but one of them that capture our imagination the most is the whale. When you visit Iceland, you get an opportunity to watch them closely in their natural habitat. Whale Watching Tours are extremely popular for tourists visiting the country.

You can find over 23 different varieties of whales including humpback and minke whales in the water around Iceland. This is not just one of the top things to do in Iceland but is something that should be on anyone’s bucket list as well.

Experience Swimming in the Blue Lagoon

Top Things to do in Iceland | Experience Swimming in the Blue Lagoon

Probably the whole world knows about this unique natural geothermal spa in Iceland – the Blue Lagoon. The experience of swimming in the turquoise warm water of this lagoon is something you cannot miss!

The lagoon water contains a large amount of silica and many other minerals. Huge crowds gather to swim or take a relaxing soak in this lagoon water. It is said that the water has healing properties due to the presence of the mineral-rich components and is apparently extremely beneficial for health and skin. Plus, it makes for amazing Instagram pictures!

Watch The Spectacular Strokkur Geysir

Top Things to do in Iceland | Watch the spectacular Strokkur Geysir

In Iceland, you find places where hot springs simply shoot out from under the ground reaching up to 30-meters high into the air! Strokkur Geysir is one such famous hot spring Geyser.

A favourite stop along the Golden Circle is the highly active Geysir Hot Spring Area with boiling mud pits, exploding geysers and the lively Strokkur which spouts water 30 metres (100 ft) into the air every few minutes. The newly opened Geysir Center offers exhibits and informative presentations year round. Geysir Hot Spring Area is one of the most popular tourist stop in Iceland.

Watch The Aurora Borealis

Top Things to do in Iceland | Watch The Aurora Borealis

Your visit to Iceland is incomplete unless you see the spectacular Northern Lights. This is the other most amazing natural attractions not just in the country but in the world.

The night skies, sometimes during the fall and winter, fill up with a bright spectacular light known as the Northern Lights and seems like something out of a dream to see. Watching northern lights is definitely one of the top things to do in Iceland.

Visit the Gullfoss Waterfall

Top Things to do in Iceland | Visit the Gullfoss Waterfall

The Gullfoss Waterfall is a spectacular waterfall with breathtaking views and unmatched unique natural scenic beauty. This is a high-speed waterfall dropping from a height of over thirty-two meters and is a natural wonder you can’t help but admire for hours on end.

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