Top Tips For Making Photography Your Career

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a shutterbug? Maybe it’s time to turn your passion for photography and art into a career. Potentially building a brand for yourself and your skills which would allow you to earn money and support yourself as you grow and become a professional photographer. If this is something you would like to pursue, here are some top tips from ClickaSnap to help get you started. 

Build A Brand 

Top Tips For Making Photography Your Career

First things first, you will need to establish a brand. This doesn’t necessarily require giving yourself a persona or creating a company name but simply building a personal brand. This will allow you to highlight your skills and grow your social media presence, so others can see what it is you do and the reasons why they should hire you for professional photography services. 

Alongside this, you should also determine a plan for yourself. Placing some goals insight so you can work towards these. 

By building a personal brand alongside a photography portfolio, you will have plenty to demonstrate when you pitch your photography skills to companies and potential clients. Whilst also standing out from the crowds of other photographers looking for paid work.

Get Your Images Published 

Top Tips For Making Photography Your Career

Another great way to be seen within the industry is to get your work published. There are many editors and publishers who would be looking for photographers to publish their work, both online and in print. Alternatively, you could get in touch with a publication to see if they would be interested in any of the existing photos you have in your portfolio. 

Sell Your Images 

Top Tips For Making Photography Your Career

On top of getting your images published, you can also sell them for a set fee. A great way to do this is to upload your photos to photo sharing sites and stock photography platforms. These will allow you to upload your imagery to be paid for and downloaded by site users. Often these sites attract marketers and business owners looking for stock imagery to use across their marketing platforms. As you establish your presence on a site or platform like this, you will build a reputation for producing high-quality images, whilst being paid for each download or view you receive. 

Print Your Images Onto Merchandise

As well as selling your images you could also print this onto merchandise to sell across various platforms. This works well if you have a particularly popular image of a famous landscape, landmark or place.

Top Tips For Making Photography Your Career