Trends In Home Décor Details That Make All The Difference

We take a closer look at a few trendy home decor tips that will spice up your home in no time.

Most professionals recommend a remodelling of oft-used spaces such as home kitchen once every 15 years – a time frame that makes sense considering the fact that renovations cost between approximately $20,000 and $73,000 depending on how many spaces are involved.

In the years between renovations, however, it is important to keep your home looking fresh, new, and in line with useful or aesthetically pleasing trends.

According to Soothing Company, home is an oasis for many and for many it is also a place of work, given the vertiginous rise of remote work. If you have a few extra dollars to spend on small details that can add a unique ambience to your home, take note of the following trends.

Decor With Vintage Details

Minimalism has given way to eclectic interior design, with spaces such as living rooms and bathrooms often containing elements from different eras – including vintage pieces. The latter is often used to add an element of artistry to modern spaces. From artistically carved mirrors to baroque chandeliers and delicate vintage glass perfume bottles, these pieces often have fascinating history home dwellers love to recall with family members or friends.

Perfume bottles from the past decades often contain luxury elements such as blended glass and metal, featuring gorgeous shapes from nature – think dragonflies, leaves, and flowers. Art deco, art nouveau, elaborate glass and crystal designs, amphora shaped bottles and jars, and squeeze bulb atomizers are just a few elements that hark back to the glamour and painstaking artistry of the past.

Trends In Home Décor Details That Make All The Difference

Indoor Plants

Biophilic design is the buzzword in both construction and interior design, owing to the many benefits of having plants indoors – including better air quality, reduced stress, and increased focus. Easy plants to grow indoors include the money plant, window leaf, aloe vera, and weeping fig. If you have pets, always check to ensure the plants you choose are not toxic to their systems. 

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting – whether comprising just one hanging light or many bearing different lengths – is an ideal way to add artistry to the simplest design scheme. Trending styles include extravagant shapes (think icosahedrons, octahedrons, and pentagonal prisms), art déco pieces, and pendant lamps in mixed materials (including glass and metal, mixed metals, and wood and glass).

Hand-blown glass pendants, meanwhile, are popular among those who like their lighting to have ‘perfect imperfections’ such as attractive ‘dimples’ that invite contemplation.

Trends In Home Décor Details That Make All The Difference

Sculpted Rattan

Sustainable and natural materials – including bamboo and rattan – are part of the current eco-friendly décor wave and crafters are increasingly using their skills to create beautifully sculpted pieces that catch the eye while bringing a bit of nature indoors.

Pieces to watch out for include curvy chairs, stools, and lampshades. Rattan mirrors are another hot item and the good news is that they come in a variety of shapes – ranging from delicate flowers right through to arched frames and designs bearing intersecting angular lines

Right now may not be the time for renovation but every season is a new opportunity to bring home a couple of details that make your home cosier or more beautiful. Trends to watch out for this year include vintage pieces, indoor plants, and cool pendant lighting designs. Sculpted rattan and other natural items, meanwhile, are part of a larger trend that celebrates the majesty of nature.