Enjoy The Ultimate Fairy-Tale French Honeymoon Cruise Aboard ‘Amour’

For many people, getting married is the ultimate step towards a fairy-tale ending and that happily ever after that you’ve fantasized about since you saw your first Disney animation as a youngster.

Marriage is the ultimate commitment as you’re telling your partner that you intend to spend the rest of your life with them.

As newlyweds, the best way to cap off your magical day is to enjoy a honeymoon that the two of you will remember for the rest of your days.

Enjoy The Ultimate Fairy-Tale French Honeymoon Cruise Aboard ‘Amour’

Now, as far as honeymoons go, everybody is different. Some people enjoy camping in the wilderness, some enjoy a staycation, some enjoy a stay by the beach, some enjoy a city break, and some want a little bit of everything. If you fall into the latter category, how about a luxury honeymoon cruise through France, with a difference.

Newlyweds in France can now experience a honeymoon experience quite like no other, as they can book a luxury honeymoon cruise aboard a decadent cruise barge, complete with a luxury chef, on-board crew, luxury spa experience, and much more besides. Oh, and as an added bonus, the pair of you will be the only guests on board.

Enjoy The Ultimate Fairy-Tale French Honeymoon Cruise Aboard ‘Amour’

An Unforgettable Honeymoon Adventure

Offered by specialist inland boat trip providers French Waterways, happy newlyweds get to enjoy a luxurious cabin stateroom furnished to the very highest of specs, as they relax on board and glide gently through the French waters, enjoying the gorgeous French sunshine and taking in the breath-taking countryside as their own private crew caters to their every whim.

Happy couples get to immerse themselves in the wonders of the countryside, and take in panoramic vistas of rolling hills, lush green pastures, sun-speckled meadows, rustic architecture, quaint towns and villages, vineyards, and much more besides, as they sail along gently on the waterways.

The itinerary of each cruise is tailored specifically to each couple, so no two experiences are exactly alike.

Enjoy The Ultimate Fairy-Tale French Honeymoon Cruise Aboard ‘Amour’

This luxury cruise takes newlyweds from Capestang to Carcassonne along the tranquil and picturesque waterways of the Canal du Midi and it is the only 5-star private barge for two in all of France, so it really is truly unique.

What’s Included In This Magical Experience?

Couples will be greeted with a glass of each of the finest Champagne in the region before they board the aptly named ‘Amour’ boat, which is, of course, translated to ‘Love’ in French.

After boarding, guests will be shown to their stunningly furnished quarters, complete with a deep-soak bathtub, toiletries, slippers, and loungewear – all complimentary.

The 6-night, 7-day break starts at just £7260 per person and includes all meals and drinks on board, along with some excursions included.

With moorings in truly beautiful parts of France including Carcassonne, Homps, Aiguille, Ventenac, and more besides, couples can stop off and enjoy trips around some of the country’s most romantic locations, including a medieval castle in Carcassonne, and Fontfroide’s ancient abbey.

Enjoy The Ultimate Fairy-Tale French Honeymoon Cruise Aboard ‘Amour’

As well as having a 5-star chef on board, guests will also be afforded the luxury of enjoying a spa break and dinner at the prestigious Cite de Carcassonne and enjoying a wine-tasting session at Chateau de Pennautier, at the vineyards of the Lorgeril family.

Other highlights include a tour around the vineyards and the countryside in a quaint and traditional Citroen 2CV, a perfume-making workshop in Narbonne, and even a helicopter flight where you can take in the canals, waterways, and countryside of France from the air. If you want the ultimate way to round off your special day and enjoy a honeymoon that you’ll both remember for the rest of your lives, a break aboard ‘Amour’ comes incredibly highly recommended.