Unveiling Masterpieces: Jascha’s Artistry in Crafting Bespoke Bugatti Creations

In the heart of Molsheim, a craftsman named Jascha holds the key to transforming customers’ bespoke dreams into tangible reality. A maestro in his domain, he played an instrumental role in the creation of the resplendent ‘Golden Era’ Chiron Super Sport1.

Over a span of more than two years, he collaborated closely with the owner, breathing life into an ephemeral idea, and birthing an everlasting work of art. Within the realm of Sur Mesure, every stride is an odyssey into uncharted territory.

Unveiling Masterpieces: Jascha's Artistry in Crafting Bespoke Bugatti Creations

Each commission materializes through dialogues and the exchange of concepts among the customer, designers, and engineers. Amidst this explorative journey, Jascha ensures that the patron’s desires are met while paying homage to Bugatti’s DNA, the intricate aerodynamic and thermodynamic facets of the hyper sports car, and the uncompromising quality benchmarks intrinsic to all cars conceived in Molsheim.

“Throughout the course of a Sur Mesure project, constant communication with the patron is paramount,” revealed Jascha. “Enthusiasts who share my ardour for Bugatti reach out to deliberate their latest vehicular visions, seeking my insights. This collaborative process, where the customer actively infuses their creative inputs, forges an environment where we collectively dare to transcend boundaries, birthing the most ingenious notions. Subsequently, my role transcends to discussions with my peers from the design and engineering divisions, striving to orchestrate solutions that marry both design and technical requisites.”

Jascha’s eminence in this unparalleled role within the automotive realm is no coincidence. His journey with Bugatti embarked in the design arena, deeply entwined with the exterior aesthetics of two prominent flagship hyper sports cars: the 2018-revealed Divo2 and the Centodieci3.

These modern-day classics, distinguished by bespoke body designs seamlessly melded with the Chiron powertrain and chassis, demanded a profound grasp of the intricate engineering facets intrinsic to a 400 km/h hypersports car.

Unveiling Masterpieces: Jascha's Artistry in Crafting Bespoke Bugatti Creations

Presently, Jascha channels his design prowess into the bespoke universe of Sur Mesure. A virtuoso in his alliance with patrons, he steers them through a realm of limitless possibilities, permitting them to transcend their preconceived notions of a bespoke creation. His commitment to realizing patrons’ aspirations knows no bounds – whether traversing nations to acquire the precise shade of blue requested or sketching ceaselessly to actualize a uniquely special commission.

However, beyond his role as a mere facilitator of automotive couture ambitions, Jascha embodies the role of a guardian and torchbearer of the brand. Enriched by his fervour for Bugatti, his cognizance of the brand’s storied legacy, and his deep reverence for the Bugatti family’s legacy, he provides patrons with inspiration to celebrate this heritage. Moreover, he extends an authoritative hand to steer patrons towards ideas that harmonize with Bugatti’s essence, for those who seek novel explorations.

“Occasionally, patrons approach with a lucid vision of their desires, perhaps a homage to a legendary racing car,” Jascha reflected. “In such instances, our synergy emerges in transforming the car’s essence into the present. We meticulously examine splits, colour amalgamations, and intricate details – all executed with utmost authenticity.

In a recent commission, we ventured to the extent of visiting the very car that kindled the patron’s inspiration, with a colour sample for precise validation. We even devised a bespoke horseshoe grille for that car, an immense feat considering the implications on aerodynamics and cooling,” Jascha added.

Jascha’s role transcends configuring patrons’ Sur Mesure projects; he’s intrinsically linked to the entire creation process. Once the patron’s aspirations crystallise into a design concept, he collaborates harmoniously with the patron and the design and engineering brigades to manifest the project’s quintessence.

Whether crafting new hues with paint artisans, conceptualising patterns, or verifying engineering compliance, he is the conduit that translates the patron’s voice into tangible design and engineering. For the ‘Golden Era’ Chiron Super Sport, he not only contributed to ideation but also personally adorned the car with his hand-sketched designs.

Unveiling Masterpieces: Jascha's Artistry in Crafting Bespoke Bugatti Creations

Sur Mesure‘ translates to ‘tailormade’ in French, and at Bugatti, it signifies more than bespoke cars – it encapsulates a bespoke experience for patrons. Delivering the unexpected and delighting patrons is Bugatti’s raison d’être, especially within the Sur Mesure realm. In this spirit, the owner of the ‘Golden Era’ Chiron Super Sport was presented with a uniquely crafted Baby Bugatti II, inspired by its elder counterpart.

Adorned in the same opulent ‘Doré’ gold and ‘Nocturne Black’ contrasting paint scheme, the Baby Bugatti II underwent an intricate sketching process mirroring its larger sibling. While the essence remains congruous, the Baby Bugatti necessitated an entirely distinct set of sketches to ensure proportionality and artistry were impeccably maintained.

Jascha, who singularly conceived the sketches for this project, invested countless hours ensuring the Baby Bugatti II would shine as a standalone Sur Mesure masterpiece or harmonize seamlessly as a collective work with the ‘Golden Era’ Chiron Super Sport. Paying subtle homage to Ettore’s creation of the original Baby Bugatti for his son Roland, bespoke illustrations of the duo grace the bodywork. This unswerving commitment to perfection is what sets Sur Mesure apart.

Unveiling Masterpieces: Jascha's Artistry in Crafting Bespoke Bugatti Creations

Bugatti Sur Mesure‘ embarks patrons on a singular voyage, fueled by the extraordinary visions of Bugatti enthusiasts and guided by personalities like Jascha, whose ardour, expertise, and artistry meld into an intimately bespoke form of customization – a homage to Ettore Bugatti’s legacy.

Every Bugatti automobile and experience already exudes unparalleled distinction, and Jascha’s craftsmanship elevates Sur Mesure into an unparalleled echelon. It goes beyond the culmination of a bespoke masterpiece; it encompasses an experience and a level of devotion that remain utterly unmatched, epitomising the very essence of ‘Le Patron’.

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