Luxury Redefined: Unveiling Nobu Hotel San Sebastián

Nobu Hospitality, the illustrious luxury lifestyle brand co-founded by Robert De Niro, Nobu Matsuhisa, and Meir Teper, recently announced its fifth opulent establishment in Spain, Nobu Hotel San Sebastián.

In a harmonious partnership with the esteemed Spanish hospitality group, Millenium Hospitality Real Estate SOCIMI (MHRE), the unveiling of Nobu Hotel San Sebastián introduces the city to the globally acclaimed Nobu cuisine, in a setting amidst the highest concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants per square metre.

Historic Elegance Reimagined: The Former Vista Eder Palace

Nestled within the historic edifice of the former Vista Eder Palace, an architectural marvel envisioned by the renowned Francisco Urcola, Nobu Hotel San Sebastián stands as an exclusive boutique hotel. Boasting a collection of 17 lavishly appointed guest rooms and suites, the hotel also houses the iconic Nobu Restaurant, the Nobu Terrace which offers breathtaking sea vistas, and an exclusive rooftop infinity pool reserved exclusively for its esteemed guests.

Luxury Redefined: Unveiling Nobu Hotel San Sebastián

A Fusion of Styles: Where Tradition Meets Minimalism

Tomas Alía of Studio Caramba has masterfully conceived the interior design, seamlessly weaving together the Franco-Basque Belle Époque aesthetics of the original building with Nobu’s hallmark Japanese minimalism. Through the adept use of natural materials and traditional craftsmanship, Alía has orchestrated an ambience of serenity and sophistication from the very moment of arrival.

The entrance and lobby areas, reminiscent of Torii gates, exude elegance through their clean, unembellished lines, culminating in a sculptural central staircase that guides guests to the rooms and suites. Here, neutral palettes harmoniously contrast with floor-to-ceiling headboards, creating a captivating visual interplay.

Nobu Terrace ingeniously bridges the indoor-outdoor boundary, engaging in a captivating dialogue with the sea and coastline. Within the Nobu restaurant, the minimalist aesthetic provides a perfect backdrop, allowing the delectable dishes to rightfully take centre stage.

Culinary Delights: A Gastronomic Journey at Nobu

Positioned on the main floor, Nobu’s eponymous restaurant beckons guests to indulge in an extraordinary culinary voyage. Under the helm of Executive Chef Yannick Lohou and Head Sushi Chef Hideaki Mizushima, patrons are treated to Nobu’s iconic dishes alongside special creations that pay homage to the region’s celebrated local ingredients.

Delectable offerings such as txangurro crab, sea urchins, mackerel, and cod cheeks grace the menu, a tribute to the region’s culinary treasures. Furthermore, Nobu Terrace extends a warm welcome to hotel guests for breakfast and remains accessible to the public throughout the day. This unique space provides an unrivalled panorama of La Concha Bay, allowing patrons to savour Nobu’s tantalizing small bites and meticulously crafted cocktails.

A Strategic Oasis: Unparalleled Location and Access

Nobu Hotel San Sebastián occupies a strategic position along the Paseo Miraconcha, affording its guests unparalleled vistas of the picturesque La Concha Bay and the enchanting Santa Clara Island. A mere 15-minute leisurely stroll leads to San Sebastián’s vibrant Old Town, Parte Vieja, renowned for its lively pintxo bars.

Luxury Redefined: Unveiling Nobu Hotel San Sebastián

Moreover, the awe-inspiring Piene del Viento coastal sculpture stands just a brief 10-minute jaunt away. The hotel’s proximity to the primary railway station, offering direct links to Madrid, Barcelona, and the captivating Basque coastline, further enhances its allure. San Sebastián airport, conveniently located a mere 20-minute drive from the hotel, offers swift connections to London City, major Spanish cities including Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Valencia, and Sevilla, as well as the alluring Balearic Islands.

In essence, Nobu Hotel San Sebastián emerges as an epitome of luxury and refinement, intertwining history, innovation, and gastronomy in a symphony of opulence. With its exquisite design, unparalleled dining experiences, and strategic location, it promises to redefine the standards of indulgence for discerning travellers and connoisseurs of fine living alike.