Unveiling The Collector Global Auction Series: April 2023

Christie’s has joined forces with esteemed designers and event producers Jane Schulak and David Stark as Tastemakers for the first-ever international edition of The Collector.

This online event takes place in April across three iconic cities: London, New York, and Paris.

Marking a celebration of Decorative Arts, the sales in these locations are the beginning of a bi-annual auction series that will occur simultaneously across venues.

Revolutionizing the Auction Experience: A Global Endeavor

The fresh approach to The Collector aligns the auction calendar, catering to the worldwide nature of demand.

It offers collectors, dealers, and decorators a superior buying experience that encompasses the entire range and diversity of available works.

Bidding starts on April 4, with auctions closing sequentially on April 18, 19, and 20 in London, New York, and Paris, respectively.

Innovative Exhibitions: Showcasing Decorative Arts in Action

Pre-sale highlight exhibitions, curated by the Tastemakers, will be accessible to the public at each location.

These displays showcase inventive and relevant methods for incorporating and exhibiting decorative arts in diverse settings spanning various periods.

Unveiling The Collector Global Auction Series: April 2023

Estimates for items in the sale range from no reserve to £180,000 / $210,000 / €200,000.

A Treasure Trove of Artistic Masterpieces: Over 600 Lots to Discover

The Collector sales series features more than 600 lots, including European, English, and 19th-century furniture, works of art, silver, ceramics, glass, clocks, and gold boxes from the 16th to the 20th century.

The collection emphasizes the timeless craftsmanship and elegance of exceptional art pieces.

Tastemakers’ Perspective: Breathing New Life into Historic Objects

Jane Schulak and David Stark expressed their enthusiasm for the project, stating that it has been a pleasure to highlight historic objects from the 18th century to the 21st century, recontextualizing them as surprisingly contemporary through a unique blend of juxtapositions.

A Collaborative Approach: Christie’s and Tastemakers Unite

Nick Sims, Christie’s Global Managing Director of Classic Art, expressed his delight in working with Jane Schulak and David Stark on the April relaunch.

Unveiling The Collector Global Auction Series: April 2023

Their collaboration encourages viewers to appreciate precious historical pieces in a new, innovative context.

The Tastemakers: A Dynamic Duo with Diverse Expertise

Jane Schulak, founder and creative director of the non-profit Culture Lab Detroit, has served on various boards related to art and design.

David Stark, president and chief creative officer of David Stark Design and Production, is a renowned event producer, designer, and author.

Together, they bring a wealth of experience and fresh perspectives to The Collector’s international edition.

A Unifying Aesthetic: Connecting Cities Through Visual Threads

Schulak and Stark’s aesthetic approach employs a ‘visual thread’ to connect the three participating cities.

They use treillage reinterpreted in graphic fluorescence as the primary connector, providing a modern backdrop for all objects in the sale, regardless of their period or origin.

Unveiling The Collector Global Auction Series: April 2023

This innovative design approach adds a contemporary flair while paying homage to history.

Christie’s Specialists: Over 400 Years of Combined Expertise

The team of Christie’s specialists working on The Collector sales in London, New York, and Paris boast a combined experience of more than 400 years.

Their dedication to the Decorative Arts is fundamental to the success of Christie’s, making this inaugural international edition a remarkable event for collectors and enthusiasts