Unveiling the Oyster 885GT: Setting Sail with Speed and Style

Embarking on a new era of maritime excellence, the Oyster 885GT emerges as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of bluewater Grand Tourers.

With its inaugural hull, Babiana, leading the charge, this vessel epitomizes the fusion of speed and elegance. Within a mere 12 months of her debut, Babiana has not only graced multiple regattas but has also conquered the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, showcasing unparalleled performance along the way.

Engineering Innovation: Crafting the Fastest Oyster Yet

Collaboratively designed by Humphreys Yacht Design and Oyster’s esteemed Design Team, the Oyster 885GT embodies a singular mission: to redefine speed on the open seas.

Unveiling the Oyster 885GT: Setting Sail with Speed and Style

Every aspect of its construction is meticulously honed for optimal performance and seamless navigation through bluewater realms. James O’Rorke, the Owner’s Representative for Babiana, sheds light on the pivotal design elements that underpin her exceptional capabilities.

“At the outset, our aim was to enhance the dynamic efficiency of the hull,” James elucidates. A defining feature of the 885GT lies in the transition from the conventional long keel to a cast bronze fin and lead bulb configuration.

This strategic alteration not only diminishes overall drag but also affords a substantial 4.1-meter draft. The incorporation of recessed anodes further contributes to a streamlined underwater profile, while preserving the vessel’s stability.

Mastering the Elements: A Rigging Revolution

A pivotal facet of the 885GT’s prowess lies in its mastery of the wind and waves, as evidenced by Babiana’s stellar performance in the Oyster Palma Regatta. Extensive attention has been devoted to refining the rig and sail configuration to facilitate unparalleled speed and agility on the water.

Constructed from high modulus carbon fibre, the mast stands as a testament to engineering ingenuity, featuring an elongated mast crane to accommodate a fat head mainsail.

Notably, the adoption of a 3-spreader mast, rather than the conventional 4-spreader mast, contributes to a weight reduction of over a tonne and a half, thereby enhancing the vessel’s stability and manoeuvrability.

James underscores the transformative impact of these innovations, citing a marked reduction in pitching and rolling, culminating in a supremely comfortable sailing experience.

Sails of Distinction: A Symphony of Performance

Central to the 885GT’s exceptional performance is the meticulous selection of sails, tailored to amplify its capabilities across diverse conditions. Babiana’s sail wardrobe, curated in collaboration with Doyle Sails, boasts an array of cutting-edge offerings, including A2 race spinnakers, Code Zero hydraulic furlers, and storm jibs.

Unveiling the Oyster 885GT: Setting Sail with Speed and Style

The integration of structured luff technology further enhances aerodynamic efficiency, ensuring optimal performance in every nautical endeavour.

The rigging of the 885GT embodies a paradigm shift towards precision and efficiency, courtesy of Marine Rigging Services. Adopting a ‘Grand Prix’ approach, the running rigging incorporates smaller diameter lines, sheathed in technora covers to safeguard against wear and tear. Soft connectors facilitate seamless management of control lines, enabling swift adjustments for optimal sail trim and performance.

Babiana’s triumphant forays into the maritime domain serve as a testament to the Oyster 885GT’s unrivalled capabilities as a premier ocean Grand Tourer. With luminaries such as Adrian Newey, Chief Technical Officer at Red Bull Racing, entrusting their seafaring adventures to the 885GT, its legacy as a paragon of speed and luxury is firmly cemented.

As the embodiment of maritime innovation, the Oyster 885GT beckons adventurers to chart new horizons with unparalleled grace and velocity.

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