Unveiling The Rossettis: A Groundbreaking Art Exhibition

Bask in the profound beauty and revolutionary spirit of Pre-Raphaelite artistry as we delve into “The Rossettis: A Special Exhibition.”

This distinguished showcase not only immerses you in the mesmerising world of the Rossetti family but also offers a unique perspective on the transformative power of art.

The Unrivalled Rossettis

From 6th April until 24th September 2023, Tate Britain will be the proud host of this exceptional exhibition. Following this, the Delaware Art Museum will pick up the mantle, opening its doors to this curated collection from 21st October 2023 to 28th January 2024.

Revolutionary and romantic, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, his siblings, and his wife, Elizabeth Siddal, were at the forefront of a pioneering counterculture. Their artwork was not only beautiful but also transformative, drawing inspiration from the past to shape the future of art. This exhibition, organised in partnership with Tate Britain, is the first of its kind, bringing the remarkable works of Rossetti to the United States for the first time.

Captivating Collection

The showcase features over 100 pieces, amassed from international public and private collections. Visitors can feast their eyes on a variety of Rossetti’s works, ranging from his early and late paintings to his watercolours, photographs, and designs.

Unveiling The Rossettis: A Groundbreaking Art Exhibition
Monna Vanna , 1866 , Dante Gabriel Rossetti . Oil on canvas. Purchased with assistance from Sir Arthur Du Cros Bt and Sir Otto Beit KCMG through the Art Fund 1916. Tate. Photo: Tate.

In addition, the collection includes significant surviving paintings and drawings by Elizabeth Siddal, marking the first time that these pieces have been assembled and displayed in the United States.

Pre-Raphaelite Weekend: A Celebration of Art

In addition to the exhibition, art enthusiasts can look forward to a special Pre-Raphaelite Weekend from 9th to 12th November 2023 at DelArt. This unforgettable weekend will include guided tours, traditional English teas, informative gallery talks, and exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences.

To add to the excitement, the Pre-Raphaelite Promenade will take place on Saturday evening. Accommodation options will be available for visitors from out of state. Spaces are expected to fill up quickly, so make sure to keep an eye on delart.org/rossettis for updates.

Essential Details

Exhibit: The Rossettis Exhibit Dates: October 21, 2023 – January 28, 2024 Location: Delaware Art Museum, 2301 Kentmere Pkwy, Wilmington, DE 19806 Curator: Sophie Lynford, Annette-Provine Curator of the Bancroft Pre-Raphaelite Collection, Delaware Art Museum.

The exhibition will include approximately 190 works at Tate and around 130 at Delaware. These will mainly be works on paper, along with about 25 paintings. The exhibit will feature pieces from around 18 public collections, as well as several private collections.

Unveiling The Rossettis: A Groundbreaking Art Exhibition
The Wedding of St George and Princess Sabra, 1857, Dante Gabriel Rossett i. Watercolour on paper. Purchased with assistance from Sir Arthur Du Cros Bt and Sir Otto Beit KCMG through the Art Fund 1916. Tate. Photo: Tate. The Tune of the Seven Towers, 1857, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Watercolour on paper. Purchased with assistance from Sir Arthur Du Cros Bt and Sir Otto Beit KCMG through the Art Fund 1916. Tate. Photo: Tate.

Exhibition Catalogue

To enhance your experience, an accompanying catalogue, edited by Carol Jacobi and James Finch, will be available. Titled “The Rossettis,” it will include twelve enlightening essays and will be published by Tate in 2023, with distribution in the United States by Abrams Books. Don’t forget to purchase your copy from the Museum Store this autumn.

Immerse yourself in the world of The Rossettis, and discover the transformative power of art that defies conventions and shapes the future. This is an experience not to be missed.

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