Vakkaru Maldives: Named World’s Leading Luxury Honeymoon Resort 2023

Vakkaru Maldives, the recipient of the prestigious title of World’s Leading Luxury Honeymoon Resort 2023 at the 30th Annual World Travel Awards, continues to set the standard for romantic opulence.

This marks the fourth consecutive year that the multi-award-winning island sanctuary has claimed this esteemed accolade, a testament to its unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences for couples in one of the world’s most enchanting destinations.

Nestled against the stunning backdrop of the Indian Ocean, Vakkaru Maldives boasts a secluded location in the Baa Atoll, designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Vakkaru Maldives: Named World's Leading Luxury Honeymoon Resort 2023

This unique setting seamlessly combines natural beauty, sophisticated elegance, and bespoke service, creating an idyllic haven for honeymooners seeking an extraordinary retreat.

Luxurious Villas for Unforgettable Moments

Couples seeking next-level indulgence discover their perfect sanctuary in Vakkaru Maldives’ luxury beach or overwater villas. Picture waking up to endless ocean views from a private infinity pool and witnessing breathtaking sunsets that paint the sky in vibrant hues at dusk.

For those venturing beyond the comfort of their villas, Vakkaru Maldives offers an array of exciting resort experiences. A dedicated butler stands ready to cater to every whim, ensuring a seamless symphony of unforgettable moments throughout the honeymoon.

The resort features six alfresco restaurants, two bars, and a wine cellar, serving international cuisines in idyllic settings.

Vakkaru Maldives: Named World's Leading Luxury Honeymoon Resort 2023

The opulent over-water Merana Spa takes relaxation to new heights, refreshing and rejuvenating the body, mind, and soul with an extensive list of indulgent experiences. Whether it’s a spa day or a romantic couple’s massage, the spa provides a tranquil escape.

Customized Romance

Vakkaru Maldives elevates romantic dining to an art form, offering customized experiences according to preferences. Whether by the beach, on a secluded sandbank, aboard a luxury yacht, or in the heart of the jungle and Organic Garden, each dining experience is meticulously crafted to enrich the stay with lasting memories.

Vakkaru Maldives transcends being a honeymooners’ paradise; it’s also a dream destination to say ‘I do’ or renew vows. The island sanctuary’s bespoke wedding service allows couples to tie the knot in a setting straight out of a fairy tale. An expert team ensures every couple can celebrate their union in one of the most romantic destinations on Earth.

Vakkaru Maldives: Named World's Leading Luxury Honeymoon Resort 2023

In conclusion, Vakkaru Maldives stands as the epitome of romantic luxury, offering an unparalleled experience that goes beyond the conventional honeymoon. With its breathtaking setting, luxurious accommodations, and a commitment to crafting unforgettable moments, it continues to reign as the World’s Leading Luxury Honeymoon Resort.

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