What Is A Thermogenic Fat Burner And How Does It Help You Lose Weight?

By definition, thermo means heat, and genic is short for ‘generation.’ So, the complete meaning for thermogenic fat burners is the burning of fat using heat generation.

The use of these fat burners is to aid the body in heat generation, and it results in fat loss. Metabolism in the body is responsible for all such processes, including increasing the heat in the body and responding to a workout by supplying energy through the burning of fat. That is how the process of weight loss takes place. 

Thermogenic fat burners are very popular among men who do weightlifting because weightlifters do a lot of research to look for the best consumables to build muscle. And during their research, they are likely to come across protein products that offer the added benefit of thermogenic fat burning; multiple whey protein products are protein builders and fat burners.

Hence, men, who weightlift, are likely to be familiar with thermogenic fat burners.

How Thermogenic Fat Burners Work?

What Is A Thermogenic Fat Burner And How Does It Help You Lose Weight?

The methodology by which thermogenic fat burners are able to burn fat is fairly simple to comprehend: these products increase the resting metabolism rate (RMR). RMR measures the amount of energy required to carry out basic bodily functions like blood circulation, cell production, and respiration.

An individual requires an amount, exclusive to their body, of calories that are burnt to perform these basic bodily functions: this is the RMR of an individual. 

The thermogenic fat burners increase the RMR: they are exactly able to do so by the following: most of these products are made from natural ingredients known to increase metabolisms, such as synephrine. 

Ingredients Of Thermogenic Fat Burners

Synephrine is a chemical found in a lot of citrus plants and fruits. The result of consuming this chemical in the form of pills, or from their natural source, is that it increases the levels of adrenaline, dopamine, and noradrenaline: the result is increased body requirement to perform basic functions (high RMR) and more burning of fat. 

However, that isn’t the only type of thermogenic fat burner. Some of these fat burners aim to restrict any storage and creation of fat in the first place: they contain certain ingredients like the extracts from the plant Garcinia Cambogia, which has chemical properties to prohibit the body from creating and storing fat.

When consumed, in the form of pills, the body will not produce fat excessively. Some of these fat burners also contain caffeine because caffeine has a stimulatory effect on the body. Its consumption enables individuals to perform more rigorous tasks: increasing heart rate, raising blood pressure, and stimulating blood pressure.

Types Of Thermogenic Fat Burners

What Is A Thermogenic Fat Burner And How Does It Help You Lose Weight?

Some thermogenic fat burners employ a different route, which is conventional: the reduction of appetite. Consuming this category of burners has an additional impact on the body where they don’t feel the urge to consume a lot of food. This again leads to a lesser intake of calories, ultimately reducing weight.

But these kinds of pills carry a significant risk of developing issues with the body’s natural functioning: hence, they aren’t recommended for everyone looking to lose fat. 

The thermogenic fat burners, by various brands, are not specific to a single function mentioned above separately. Most of them are manufactured to contain multiple properties that increase their functions, and an individual can achieve their desired target at a better rate.

So, for example, a thermogenic fat burner might have functions like increasing RMR and decreasing the body’s tendency to form fats, or another one can be containing functions like appetite suppression and increased RMR. The bottom line is that every thermogenic fat burner is different, which completely depends on the brand and product range. 

Safety Factor And Side Effects Of Thermogenic Fat Burners

The safety of such products also needs to be considered. While every brand might claim to be the safest on the shelf, such claims can also be nothing but selling tactics employed by firms; especially, after the revelation above that these pills might also contain ingredients like caffeine, one can never be sure, without research, that whether the fat-burners are safe. 

Thermogenic fat burners carry many side effects; not everyone experiences the same side effects. The side effects are trouble sleeping, feeling anxious and restless, heaviness in the head, changes in heart rate and blood pressure. The side effects are not listed to discourage someone from using fat burners but only to inform present or prospective consumers to make informed decisions.

What Is A Thermogenic Fat Burner And How Does It Help You Lose Weight?

Some of these side effects are very mild and caused by other consumables like tea, coffee, cold and hard beverages. 

What needs to be remembered is that thermogenic fat burners are supportive elements to lose weight and shouldn’t be used in isolation to lose weight. If someone imposes starvation on their body, that will also not help because that will promote unhealthy weight loss in the body, which might result from organ shrinkage.

The ideal way to lose weight is to have a good routine where exercising of the body is practiced, good dietary habits are followed, any safe and suitable supplements are taken, and the basic rule of losing more calories than consuming is followed. 

How To Use Thermogenic Fat Burners?

The ideal-most results are drawn from thermogenic fat burners when they are taken prior to the first meal of the day: this is because effects like appetite suppression and reduction in fat generation are planted to be achieved by these pills right before consumption of any food in the morning. Experts also suggest taking fat burners prior to the intensive workout session. Beginners are advised to take one pill initially, and upon self-assessment, if suitable, consumption can be doubled later. 

Finally, these fat-burners are just supportive products to aid a fitness regime. Their permanent employment is a choice and not a necessity. It is possible to lose weight using the standard methods alone.

However, if one chooses to include thermogenic fat-burners in their lifestyle, they must not pose complete dependence on them; instead, one must do rigorous physical training: workouts like cardio, high interval intensive training (HIIT), and Pilates are aimed at weight loss and strength building, which already increase the body’s natural tendency to burn fat and maintain a higher temperature.

In short, all the functions of the thermogenic fat burners can also be achieved organically. 

Final Verdict On Thermogenic Fat Burners

What Is A Thermogenic Fat Burner And How Does It Help You Lose Weight?

People looking for a relatively easier route that supports their overall lifestyle can choose to employ fat-burners. Overall, a thermogenic fat burner is a very good product, which has demonstrated results, and it continues to be the choice for people, particularly men, who are looking to build lean muscles.

Also, some protein shakes have variants that offer thermogenic fat-burning along with whey protein. Since not all women are looking to build muscles, their fat-burners aim to reduce appetite combined with fat-burning using thermogenesis. Also, some fat-burners on the market carry other functions such as energy boosters, multi-vitamins, and keto-diet support.

Buyers are recommended to opt for renowned brands that contain natural ingredients, majorly, and be wary of their body’s requirements. Many fat-burners that appear to be a bargain may not be the safest buy: containing hazardous or inorganic ingredients.

Hence, the safest might not be the cheapest when buying health products, but it is worth the money. 

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