What Is The Raunchiest City In The UK?

It’s normal to go through phases with your sex life. You can be dancing in your sexy underwear one moment and struggling to find a spark with your partner the next. Your sex drive is impacted by a wide range of factors – from your menstrual cycle to your location.

Some cities are thought to be raunchier than others in the UK. Lingerie specialist, Hunkemöller, carried out a survey on 2000 people and found that London is the raunchiest city in the UK. Southampton, Newcastle, Birmingham and Belfast also scored highly on the raunchy scale. Unfortunately, Manchester fell flat in the bedroom.

A whopping nine million Brits claim to be having more sex in the last year, with many opting for more adventurous sexual antics. Charlotte Davies, Global Design and Buying Director at Hunkemöller, said:

“As a brand, Hunkemöller is all about female empowerment and inclusivity, and whether they’re in a relationship, dabbling in the world of dating, or spending some much-coveted time on themselves, we want every woman – and man – to look and feel their most beautiful self – especially when it comes to their underwear.”

If you are in a long-term relationship, here are a few tips on how to mix things up in the bedroom.

Try Something New

What Is The Raunchiest City In The UK?

Couples tend to fall into a predictable pattern in the bedroom. It’s time to switch things up and try a new pattern. You could add an accessory to your antics or switch up the positions entirely. You don’t have to embrace your inner Christian Grey to have adventurous sex. You could try something a little more in your comfort zone – like trying a new location.


What Is The Raunchiest City In The UK?

After a few years, couples tend to stop kissing as much. It’s usually a quick peck before running out the door. Slow down and enjoy a long kiss with your partner. You might be surprised at how much fun it can be.

Schedule Romantic Activities

What Is The Raunchiest City In The UK?

Unfortunately, long-term relationships can’t always be romantic and spontaneous. Sometimes you need to schedule in the romance to make sure you spend quality time together. Organise a trip away for just the two of you. You could spend all weekend in the hotel room, or enjoy a romantic walk together. Romance doesn’t have to be cringe-worthy – you can put your own stamp on it. A hiking trip in the wilderness might be your partner’s idea of romance instead of a five-course dinner.

Make a special effort with your partner this year and bring the romance back to your relationship.