What To Wear At a High-End Casino

High-end casino visitors are often seen wearing expensive clothing, which goes hand-in-hand with their gambling budgets.

So, if you’re planning to visit a high-end or luxurious casino and you’re unsure of what to wear, you’ve come to the right place.

Your appearance should matter to you as much as it matters to the casino. After all, what we’re going to explain in this guide influences how third parties will perceive you.

Luxury Casino Dress Code

Knowing how to dress in style is key to your high-end casino experience. Although high rollers have a certain appeal to them, you shouldn’t struggle to easily find your own luxurious style – provided that you have the funds for it, of course. According to The Casino Wizard, around 1.6 billion people gamble all over the world, so knowing how to dress is of utmost importance.

Take these points into consideration when choosing your high-end casino attire:

  • Prints and “showy” clothing are better off not being worn at high-end casinos. It is distasteful;
  • You should aim for a simple, yet sophisticated look if you’re looking for the best results;
  • Most casinos accept players that comply with their dress code etiquette. High-end casinos could require you to dress in black tie attire, for example;

Understanding the Country’s Culture

What each casino deems appropriate to wear varies depending on the type of clothing that is worn in the region where the casino is located. High-end casinos exist in non-wealthy countries, but it is natural that such sites have lower expectations of how their visitors dress.

Some types of apparel are considered high-end in certain countries, too, whilst they may be deemed untasteful in other nations. Casinos located in rich regions, like Singapore and Monaco, often see their visitors wearing much more expensive clothing than what you’ll see in casinos hosted in countries like Argentina.

It is important to get acquainted with local culture before deciding what to wear – especially so if you’re travelling abroad.

Details Matter

What To Wear At a High-End Casino

Wearing the right pieces of clothing is the most important aspect of your dress code, but paying attention to the small details is just as important. The main attributes for you to focus your attention should be the following:

  • Beautiful or luxurious rings are a great way to dress regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman;
  • Removing creases from your clothing is also recommended when visiting a high-end casino and is an easy way to improve your looks;
  • Prevent wearing too much “bling”. The excess of shiny or glittery accessories is likely to play a negative role in your overall dress.

What You Should NEVER Wear

We’ve gone over what you should always wear when visiting a luxurious casino, which means that what not to wear should be almost implicit. Regardless, we’ll tell you what pieces of clothing are better off being totally avoided when visiting a high-end casino:

  • Informal footwear such as flip flops and, of course, Crocs;
  • Sleeveless clothing like wifebeaters or gym gear;
  • Sports shoes and sneakers;
  • Worn-out clothing, as it is generally seen as bad taste and is frowned upon;
  • T-shirts are also a no-go unless you’re wearing extra attire on top of yours.

Keep in mind that wearing a white tie indicates an excess in formality, so you may want to keep yours as a “secret weapon” for certain occasions only.

Also, depending on the casino, you may be denied entry if you show up at the door with any of the aforementioned pieces of clothing. Be wary of such rules and always research the dress code at your casino of choice before visiting it in order to avoid trouble.

High-End Casino Etiquette: What To Do and What to Avoid

Knowing how to dress is one of the many points to be taken into consideration when visiting a high-end casino. Etiquette is just as important, as knowing how to dress well will be nothing but patchwork if you don’t know the right way in which you are expected to behave when gambling on a land-based casino-

Here, we show you the most important things to be taken into consideration when gambling in a luxurious casino. Respect the dos, avoid the don’ts, and get ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime.


  • Tip the dealer accordingly. It is in good taste to provide dealers with a good tip, and even more so on winning hands;
  • Be sure to respect all of the dress code etiquettes that we’ve spoken about in this article;
  • Try to avoid consulting your phone often regardless of whether you’re sitting at a table or not;
  • High-end casinos expect their visitors to be quite competent and knowledgeable of the rules. It’s not smart to visit a high-end casino if you don’t know the rules of the games that you intend to play


  • Don’t get too drunk. Although it is generally advised not to drink when gambling, some people see it as part of the experience. If you want to do that, try to overdo it with alcohol;
  • Don’t disrespect the dealer. High rollers are often regarded as people who either treat their dealers well and casinos would rather not have staff put out warnings to their visitors;
What To Wear At a High-End Casino

Final Verdict on High-End Casino Dress Codes

As you can see, high-end casinos have a high dress code standard. For casinos, the way their visitors dress indicates the type of people that visit the casino, so you’re going to have to dress the part if you don’t want t get kicked out of the casino or have your entry to the venue prevented. Respect the dress code, keep a cool head, and visit the high-end casinos of your choice.

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