What You Can and Cannot Feed Your Dog for a Luxury Diet

Learning what you can and cannot feed your family pet applies no matter how luxurious the diet is.

Do you keep your four-legged friend in perpetual luxury? Good on you. Dogs are the purest happiness you can achieve in life.

Here’s how you can keep them living in the manner they have become accustomed to, without feeding them things that they shouldn’t have.

This article will review some of the common luxury treats your dog can eat.

Foods Your Dog Can Eat

We will begin by listing some healthy – but luxurious – treat choices.

Buy Age Appropriate Foods

Let’s start with something that not all new dog owners find obvious. The foods that you put into your dog will determine how healthy it is, and how long you get to love it for.

The first step to this is mastering age-appropriate foods from the outset.

What You Can and Cannot Feed Your Dog for a Luxury Diet

There are three general types of food. There is puppy chow, suitable for up to a year or less. There is adult dog food, suitable for 1-2 years up to 7-9 years.

After this, your dog’s digestive system starts to slow, which is when you want to try dog food for senior dogs.

Fish, Caviar, and Calamari

Fish, caviar, and calamari are all safe for dogs. The usual rule of feeding in small amounts does apply though.

Fish can be salty, so try to limit the amount your dog eats. Dried fish snacks are incredibly healthy and your dog will love them.

Fish is actually a healthy food for your fur baby. It is high in Omega 3, contains micronutrients like selenium which boost the dog’s immune system, and it gives your dog a healthy, shiny coat.

The Raw Food Diet

Many wealthy dog owners choose to feed their fur babies a raw food diet. Raw feeding represents what a dog might eat if it was out in the wild.

In this diet, you discard the kibble and feed the dog different types of raw meat and plants.

It is important to balance this diet, but it is the diet of the wealthy dog owner.

Tasty Treats

You can buy everything from handmade dog treats to doggy fro-yo nowadays.

Indulge your pet with ice cream, baked goods, and muffins, all designed specifically for the dogs we love.

There is no shortage of tasty treats on the market.

Foods Your Dog Cannot Have

What You Can and Cannot Feed Your Dog for a Luxury Diet

Chicken feet, pigs ears, and tripe are all favourites.

Let’s move on to summarising the luxury foods you should not feed your dog.


Your dog should not have either caffeine or alcohol. Their little livers cannot handle processing these things.

Avoid giving your dog milky and dairy drinks, since lactose intolerance in dogs is possible.

If your dog is lactose intolerant, you will soon know about it. It’s best avoided.

Sweet Treats

Stay away from sugary products. Do not be tempted to share your beautiful box of chocolates with your pet.

Avoid rawhide like the plague and always feed luxury foods in small doses. The closer you stick to natural foods, the healthier your dog will be.

What Dogs Can’t Eat

Lastly, there are certain foods that dogs cannot eat at all.

These include xylitol (in normal peanut butter) and chocolate. Avoid these and your pet should have a long, healthy life.