Why Are Flour Sack Towels Awesome ?

If you do a lot of work in your kitchen, then you know just how important it is to find the best options for your kitchen towels. Here is why Flour Sack Towels are a must.

It’s no longer about buying all sorts of paper towels – which can be handy, but not a permanent solution. Instead, you want to have reusable towels on hand that can help you to stay ahead of all of the cleaning that you need to do in your kitchen and of course, is more environmentally friendly.

Nowadays, flour sack towels have gotten a lot of attention. These towels are made of thin cotton yarn and have a loose weave, similar to old-style flour and grain sacks (hence the name). Why are these your best option for kitchen towels? Let’s look at some of the benefits.

1. They’re Affordable

Flour sack towels are actually incredibly affordable to make. This is due to the thin material and the speed at which they can be made. The manufacturing costs are low, so many companies are able to pass those savings on to the consumer.

Plus, when you get them from a company that focuses on making sustainable items for homes, you can actually find some deals that take the stress off of your wallet. There are many websites that help you find the perfect one, these flour sack towels achieve the best value-for-money.

2. They Are Larger than Average Kitchen Towels

Flour sack towel designs are meant to be much larger than other options that are out there. More often than not, they’re going to fall in the range of 20 by 30 inches to 36 by 36 inches. This allows you to use them for many more applications than your standard sized kitchen towel.

For example, you may find that you have a much easier time hanging them up for décor (which we will explore more in the next point). It’s easier to clean up a large spill and you can use it as a placemat for a small child that needs a little more support.

Why Are Flour Sack Towels Awesome?

3. They Come in All Sorts of Designs

Designs are always fun, and if you plan on hanging your towels as part of your décor, then you want to find towels that are going to match your space. Flour sack towels are easily customizable, so you’re going to find that they have all sorts of fun designs that you’re going to be able to choose from.

Not only that, but there are all sorts of people out there who offer customizing services for flour sack towels. You can get them embroidered with your name, a fun message, or whatever else that you may want to have included for your towels.

All in all, it comes down to flexibility and choice. If you want to know that you can find kitchen towels that match your style and what you like, then flour sack towels are going to be one of the best options that you can get your hands on here.

4. You Never Have to Deal With Lint

We all know how annoying it is to end up with lint all over the table or the dishes that we’re drying off. Did you know that flour sack towels are actually able to repel lint? That means that you’re never going to end up with weird fuzzies when you wipe things off.

Plus, that lack of lint means that you’re not going to get any streaks, either. No worries about your glassware and how it looks on your table or in your china closet!

5. They’re More Absorbent

Flour and grain sacks used to double as towels back in the day. Someone would buy a sack of grain or whatever else, and when the sack was empty, they cut it up and used it as rags. Why? Because the unique design of the material made it more absorbent. 

As previously mentioned, the weave is very loose, and the material is thin. That means that you aren’t going to end up with a big, heavy, soaking wet rag after you’re done wiping up a mess. More water can be absorbed, and it’s easier to just toss in the washer after you’re done.

There are all sorts of reasons to consider flour sack towels for your kitchen. More often than not, you’re going to see a huge improvement and ensure that you’ve got exactly what you need in order to stay ahead of everything. See what you can find and get some great towels that are going to last you a long, long time.

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