Why Monitoring Your Car Tyres Is So Important

Every motorist wants their vehicle to perform well while they are on their journey. Many of the drivers are smart enough to monitor their vehicle tyres too. This is a very efficient step when it comes to monitoring any car properly, as tyres that are strong and durable will last much longer than those tyres which are not regularly checked for wear and tear. 

Let’s be honest, one of the most important and crucial parts of a car is its tyres. Since they are the only link between your car and the road, it is of great significance that you keep an eye out to make sure the tyres are fine and in good condition. There are 4 main functions that the tyres are supposed to serve: providing grip, braking, accelerating as well as maintaining directional and steering control

You can carry out home tyre monitoring checks in order to make sure your tyres are durable and last longer in order for you to experience a safe and pleasant driving journey. 

Check The Tyre Pressure

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Regardless of whether you have XXR Wheels or any other brand, it is paramount that one should keep a check on the pressure level of the tyres on a regular basis. If the pressure level is less than the standard level, the tyres may wear out very quickly.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that in order to have a smooth and great experience; pressure level needs to be checked regularly. One of the main and the most common reasons for a decreased pressure level in the tyre is that the car is not being used often enough or is left standing for a long period of time.

Also, on the other hand, too heavily inflated pressure levels can result in sudden bursts of the tyres. A great tip, if you want your car to perform well on road, is that you can buy winter tyres from DAT Tyre garage situated in London. These will help your vehicle perform best during the testing time of winter and its affecting our roads.

Check Proper Wheel Alignment 

In addition to this, the alignment of the wheels is also of huge importance. If the wheels are not aligned properly, or the pressure level of one side is lesser in comparison to the other side, one should expect cracks and extra repairing costs for that side.

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Tyres for that side will wear out sooner in comparison to the other side. One should also look out if you are using your car for doing grocery shopping regularly since it puts extra weight on the tyres resulting in lesser pressures. 

Check Tyre Tread Depth

Why Monitoring Your Car Tyres Is So Important | Check Tyre Tread Depth

Lastly, the tread depth of a tyre, which is the outer rubber layer, also plays a substantial role in the lifespan of your car and the safety it offers. For a car owner, checking the tread depth of the tyres is as important as checking the level of fuel in the car, since it is the only thing saving the tyres from regular punctures and extra repairing costs. Average tread depth is between 1.5mm to 2.6mm, so keep an eye out for the health of your tyres and for your own safety!