Why Twitter Is Still Relevant In 2022

Think about the last time you used Twitter. It may even have been not so long ago. In this case, we will ask you a more difficult question. When was the last time your younger siblings, your teenage friends, used it? Most likely this generation is not even registered in this social network. In this regard, bloggers see no reason to develop their accounts, and even more so to buy Twitter followers for promotion.

However, it should be understood that the digital world was created not only for people of the younger generation who are accustomed to the short video format. Most of the old Twitter fans still use the social network and view the posts of their favourite authors on a daily basis. Moreover, famous bloggers to this day do not have to buy real Twitter followers because they have a permanent active audience. In this article, you will find out why this happens.

New Formats Are Not A Hindrance To The Old Ones

Why Twitter Is Still Relevant In 2022

Of course, if we talk about what is now popular with young people, first of all, we will have to say about Instagram and TikTok. Today, every teenager or student knows all the popular video bloggers who shoot short videos to music. However, in addition to this audience, there is an older age category of users who are not very interested in the new format.

People who are used to getting all the new information from Twitter still go there to read the news or look at funny pictures. As a rule, this service is used by people who are used to reading short concise posts with an attached file (picture, video or link). This is very convenient for those who do not have time to read long reads but do not want to watch the video format.

Diversity Is Important

When TikTok gained immense popularity, some social networks began to implement similar formats. For example, this is how we got Reels on Instagram. However, it is boring for users when they see the same thing in different applications. People need variety. Therefore, if you want to maintain a Twitter account, then you do not have to leave other platforms. You can combine the maintenance of several accounts to collect different audiences.

Why Twitter Is Still Relevant In 2022

Most likely you have noticed that when writing a post on Instagram, you cannot attach a link to a website. People who buy ads from other bloggers suffer because of this because users cannot quickly follow a link to their website after reading a post. Twitter has that option. In addition, there you can even attach a picture in GIF format.

This platform is still valued for its ability to create diverse content and delight millions of people with different views. If you want to conduct your business on this service but are still in doubt, then we recommend that you try it. Adding another way to make money and show off your creativity is a great way to make a name for yourself and make a good income.