You Can Be A Busy Student And Still Get A Pet – Here’s How

Pets can reduce anxiety, stress, and depression by easing loneliness. They encourage you to exercise, walk them out and play with them, especially if it’s a dog or cat that you want. 

If you love pets and have wished for one for a long time, but you’re a busy student and struggle to have some spare time for your hobbies, you can still enjoy some of the benefits of pets

Keep reading to find out what the most low-maintenance pets are and how to protect them.

Safety Comes First

You Can Be A Busy Student And Still Get A Pet - Here's How

Having a sweet, innocent, trouble-free pet that doesn’t require much of your attention may sound like “too good to be true”. It shouldn’t be an unachievable dream, considering you put some things in order before you welcome them into your home. You make the necessary changes and adjustments in your house depending on the type of domestic animal you want because even though they don’t need much, some still have specific habits and needs that you must care for. 

And if you have health concerns about your pet and wonder how you’ll manage your finances in case they get sick, know that there are affordable pet insurances that cover medical expenses. The specialists from recommend you get such insurance to stay relaxed, knowing you won’t need to break the bank to save your speechless friend. 

It is an act of care and investment you do for your pet’s safety. 

You should look at what medical expenses the pet insurance covers and not assume they’ll cover pre-existing health conditions, injuries, accidents and diseases, or inadequate treatment from the family. 

You Can Be A Busy Student And Still Get A Pet - Here's How

Some of the most common medical procedures pets need when they’re sick are:

  • blood tests
  • emergency care
  • prescription medications
  • x-rays.

Your pet can develop illnesses, chronic conditions, cancer and more, so you should be aware that they can be ill-fated and require special medical treatments, too. Choosing the most affordable pet insurance is okay, but you should also look for ones that can cover typical preventative and routine care costs.

Top Low-Maintenance House Pets

You should consider if the structure of your house allows the necessary space for a house pet. Some have specific requirements and necessitate you to pet-proof your home. Nevertheless, some of the least demanding pets are the following:


You Can Be A Busy Student And Still Get A Pet - Here's How

They need the proper cage, food, and wheel to run on. Still, it would be best if you did not allow them to escape their cage and roam around unsupervised because they can get lost easily and slide in dangerous places.


You Can Be A Busy Student And Still Get A Pet - Here's How

Probably the lowest maintenance of all pets, they have long life spans and don’t require large tanks, filters or excessive cleaning and feeding.

Guinea Pigs

You Can Be A Busy Student And Still Get A Pet - Here's How

You’ll most likely adore how they jump in the air from excitement or their “popcorning”. They’re relatively easy to take care of and don’t require more than a proper cage with food and straw for water.


You Can Be A Busy Student And Still Get A Pet - Here's How

They’re a beautiful option and range in sizes, colors, and prices. Their needs also differ according to their type, but, generally, lover birds are the most popular ones in busy families’ houses.

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